The Worx wg506 is a corded electric leaf blower with tremendous air speed and air volume for its size. This light and simple-to-use blower might be one of the essential garden tools you need for keeping your yard looking fantastic.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how well this machine works for getting leaves and yard waste under control.

Then, we’ll tell you all the pros and cons we discovered, so you can make an informed decision about buying this leaf blower.

Worx Corded Blower: Pros and Cons



Easy assembly High noise level rating
2-speed air flow settings No attachments or special nozzles
Weighs only 4.4 lbs. Does not vacuum or shred debris
3 year warranty  

Product Highlights

When you’re buying a new leaf blower, you want to match your garden maintenance needs to the equipment you’re considering.

To help you decide if this leaf blower fits your needs, here is a quick overview of what this product has to offer:

  • Very light and easy to use with one hand
  • Ultra-easy assembly
  • Corded power source
  • Built-in cord retention hook
  • Two air speed settings
  • 160 mph air speed and 160 cfm air flow
  • 3-year warranty

Worx wg506 Review

This Worx electric blower is more straightforward to use than many other leaf blowers on the market today. It takes only seconds to assemble out of the box. Plug it into an extension cord and a standard 120-volt outlet, and you’re ready to tackle the leaves and twigs on your lawn, driveway, and walkways.

Corded leaf blowers like this one have the significant advantage of letting you work for as long as you want without needing to swap or recharge batteries or handle hazardous and smelly gasoline while refueling a gas tank.

The low weight of this garden tool, along with a padded handle, ensure you won’t get tired from holding the machine before you finish cleaning up your yard. However, this tool has a high noise rating, so it’s advisable to wear ear protection while working.

Also, this leaf blower does not shred or vacuum debris, and it does not come with any extra nozzles or attachments except for one blower tube.

This tool is made in China and widely distributed in the U.S.A., so finding a service center is not difficult if you need repairs or replacement under the 3-year warranty.

This tool is perfect for light-duty occasional yard work in residential settings.

Worx 7.5 amp Electric Blower Main Features

1. Light and Easy to Handle

This leaf blower’s low weight of only 4.4 lbs. makes it easy to hold with one hand while walking around, blowing lawns, driveways, walkways, patios, and outdoor furniture clear of leaves, dust, and debris.

Many other handheld corded-electric blowers are not as light as this one, and you will notice and appreciate the difference the first time you use them.

Another plus is the generous padding in the handgrip, making it more comfortable for holding the machine.

The air speed switch is conveniently located where you can reach it with your thumb, using the same hand to control the machine. You can adjust the airflow between the high and low settings with the flip of a switch.

The high speed works best for tough leaf blowing tasks on lawns and damp leaves. You can also use it to get rid of cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners. The low air speed setting is gentle enough to blow leaves out of a delicate planting area or keep mulching materials in place while clearing out lighter leaves and twigs.

This tool is built for the convenience and comfort of homeowners who need to do occasional clean-up of their yard, deck, patio, walkways, and garden furniture.

2. Power Source

The Worx wg506 is a 7.5 amp electric blower that uses an extension cord plugged into a regular outlet as the power source. Unfortunately, an extension cord does not come with the machine, and you need a cable with a W rating for outdoor use. Make sure the line is long enough to reach everywhere you need to work.

When using a corded electric yard tool like this one, it’s crucial to match the gauge of the extension cord to the amps of the tool and the length of the extension cord.

For example, for a 25 or 50-foot extension cord, this blower requires a minimum 16 gauge cord. For a 100 foot cord, you’ll need a minimum 14 gauge wire. Using an extension cord with the wrong gauge can damage the blower’s motor and invalidate the warranty.

Corded electric leaf blowers like this Worx product allow you to work as long as you want without needing to stop to recharge the battery or refill the fuel tank. You also won’t be breathing gas fumes while you work or paying extra money for replacement batteries: something that becomes inevitable when you own a battery-powered tool.

The downside of a corded electric tool is the challenge of dragging the extension cord behind you as you work. However, this tool has a cord hook built-in at the machine’s base to prevent it from accidentally getting unplugged while you move around.

Corded electric blowers work best for people with smaller-sized yards who don’t want to deal with recharging batteries or using gasoline.

3. Air Speed and Air Flow

The air speed rating for this blower is 160 mph, and this is average for handheld corded models. So if you have lots of wet leaves or large branches to move, the air speed on this blower is probably not up to the task.

The air flow rating is 160 cubic feet per minute (cfm), and this is on the low side for this type of blower. Air flow tells you how much volume of air is passing from the tube every minute. If you have wet leaves, large branches, or big pine cones to contend with, you might want to check out a more powerful Worx or another brand of blower with higher air speed and airflow ratings.

However, if your yard clean-up consists mostly of blowing dry leaves, small twigs, dust, and debris from your deck, patio, or lawn chairs, the air speeds and volume on this blower are sufficiently powerful for getting the job done.

4. Adjustable Air Speed Settings

An advantage of this blower is the two-speed power switch for air flow. The button is located where you can easily reach it with your thumb while holding and directing the machine.

When you need to tackle a lawn covered with leaves and twigs, the higher setting gives you significantly more power. On the other hand, if you want to blow leaves out of a planter box or keep mulching materials in place while you blow leaves away, the lower setting makes this possible with the flick of the switch.

Anyone with a garden containing multiple zones with different types of material and debris to clean up will find these speed-setting adjustments a helpful feature.

5. Easy Assembly and No Maintenance

One of the downsides of buying many leaf blowers is assembling the tool once you take it out of the box. But this Worx electric blower does not require any assembly except snapping the tube in place. You don’t need any tools to get that done.

Other blowers also require regular maintenance to keep working reliably. However, this corded blower has the significant advantage of not needing any care except perhaps wiping it clean from time to time and keeping it stored indoors out of the weather.

Anyone who needs a leaf blower but does not want to hassle with assembling the tool or worrying about maintenance issues will be pleased with the simplicity of this machine.

6. Warranty

This Worx corded blower comes with a 3-year limited warranty. This warranty period is above average for leaf blowers of this type.

It’s crucial to register the product within 30 days after purchase to activate the 3-year warranty. You can register it online at the Worx tool company website or by mail using the warranty registration card in the box.

If you don’t activate the warranty, the warranty is still valid for two years. You must show proof of purchase for all warranty services with a receipt showing the date and location where you bought the product.

By comparison, Worx battery-powered tools only come with a 1-year warranty, and many other brands of corded leaf blower only have one or two-year warranty periods.


This Worx wg506 corded blower is a handy garden tool for anyone with a small or medium-sized yard who does not want the hassles, hazards, and weight of a gas or battery-powered device.

This leaf blower has sufficient power for blowing dry and slightly damp leaves, twigs, acorns, and other debris from lawns and hard surfaces.

The low-maintenance requirements and ability to store this blower inside a house or apartment unit make this an excellent choice for people with light-duty garden clean-up needs.

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