Worx WG506 is a small, corded electric handheld leaf blower suitable for small outdoor spaces that make spring or winter cleaning seem like child’s play. The product has many ergonomic features, is easy to use, and gives you enough control and maneuverability while working.

Worx WG506 Review

This simple blower is a must-have for quick cleanups in and around the home, and its quality gives you value for your money.

If you are tired of using heavy, fume-producing blowers and are looking to purchase something small but efficient, this review will cover all the information you need to make your purchasing decision easier.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage Produces a loud noise during operation
Lightweight and well balanced It has a limited range due to the cord
Ergonomic design
Powerful air output for its price

Worx WG506 Highlights

It is important that the blower you purchase for your lawn care suits the blowing need you have because the Worx WG506 is excellent for blowing on small or medium landscapes only. However, the specs of the blower are just as essential to determining its use, which means that if you wish to buy it, you should check the specs carefully.

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  • Corded electric blower
  • 7.5 Amps motor
  • 160 MPH maximum air speed
  • 160 CFM air volume
  • Two air speed options
  • In-built cord retention mechanism
  • Weighs 4.4 lbs
  • 3 years warranty

Worx WG506 Review

Worx WG506 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage
Lightweight and well balanced
Ergonomic design
Powerful air output for its price
Produces a loud noise during operation
It has a limited range due to the cord

To have the best experience with handheld blowers, you should be able to carry them for a long time without wearing out your arms. On top of this, the Worx WG506 could be the poster boy for such leaf blowers because it weighs an impressive 4.4 lbs.

Even though it has a robust build, its parts are well-fitted and balanced, this is why you can easily carry it around during long hours of yard work without worrying about fatigue. If you consider it, the weight of this machine is precisely what makes it easy to handle with one hand, and women, children, or elderly people can use it easily.

This tool has a maximum airspeed rating of 160 MPH, sufficient for light cleanups around a small yard or space. On the other hand, when compared to other handheld models, this speed puts it at average, because it would get the job done, but at a simple pace. It also has an air volume rating of 160 CFM, which is relatively low, judging by the standards of other handheld models. 

Moreover, note that although the blower was not designed for heavy cleanups, this less-than-average air volume might not be sufficient to push piles of leaves or debris quickly. This means that, if you intend to blow wet leaves or large debris like small tree branches, twigs, and even some acorns, you might want to consider other blowers with more substantial air volume.

Unlike other blowers with a variable speed setting that you can use to match the air output to the specific blowing need, the WG506 has only two-speed settings: low and maximum speed. At low speeds, the blower expels air at 130 MPH and 160 MPH at maximum speed.

Although this gives you limited options to choose from, both speeds can be applied to various cleanups. In short, you can switch to low speed when blowing around gravel or delicate plants in your garden and use the maximum speed for tougher or larger leaves and debris, because this option is valid and placed upon it for this specialty.

This small leaf blower is not viable if you are looking for a tool that performs other functions, such as vacuuming and mulching, because it was made for only blowing. Despite this, the device has many user-friendly features to enjoy, and it wouldn’t be exhausting to use it and see its functionality. 


It only takes a few seconds to put it together before use, as it comes with only two pieces. It is just as easy to disassemble for optimized storage and easy transportation. In addition to this, like other corded electric leaf blowers, you only need to plug it into a power outlet with a constant power supply, and you can work uninterrupted for as long as you want.

This incredible blower, even though it does not have as much power as other handheld corded blowers, saves you from the stress of recharging or buying extra batteries as with battery-powered blowers. Or refueling gas tanks and inhaling toxic fumes while using gas blowers. The only challenge you will face while using this tool is constantly dragging the cord around while working.

For a blower as small as this, it has a high noise rating, and this noisy operation prevents you from using it at specific times during the day, like early in the morning when your neighbors are still in bed or at night; which means that these complications are ones that you must be looking through and managing the functionality in accordance. You can not also use it in noise-restricted areas like schools or retirement homes. It is advisable to use earplugs while operating this tool.

How The Worx WG506 Has Evolved?

The WG506 has evolved from its previous model the Worx WG500, by having a cord lock feature, as the old version lacked this. This means that it wouldn’t disconnect from its outlet all of a sudden, and stop functioning while operating. 

You may also notice how it’s airspeed has gotten higher at 160 MPH, higher than the Worx WG520 at just 60 MPH. It is also one of the most budget-friendly corded blowers on the market and one of the lightest Worx blowers at just 4.4 lbs.

Worx WG506 Features Breakdown

– 7.5 Amp Electric Motor

The Worx WG506 blower is powered by a 7.5 amp motor that drives the fan blades to push out air from the nozzle. The fan has a diameter of about six inches, and it is prone to rotate on a horizontal axis, unlike many other blower fans that rotate on a vertical axis. Therefore, when using the blower at maximum speed, it does not produce so much force that might become a struggle to balance out.

Worx WG506 Features Breakdown

The fan’s air intake is about three inches in diameter and is located at the bottom of the motor, so your clothes or stray debris do not get stuck on it and block air from entering the motor to cool it while working.

Typically, corded blowers come with an attachment cord in the package. Unfortunately, the WG506 does not come with one, so you would have to buy an extension cord with a W rating long enough to cover your intended blowing area so that you would extend the use of the machine toward different areas.

– Airflow Capacity

A maximum airspeed of 160 MPH and air volume of 160 CFM puts this blower slightly below standards when it comes to airflow. But considering the WG506 is a small blower designed for light-blowing functions, its airflow is sufficient. 

Airflow Capacity of Leaf Blower

As a result, when you have this airflow, you can easily blow leaves, dust, and tree droppings and even use the blower to dry the water off your car after washing. However, if you intend to blow wet leaves, pebbles, tree branches or twigs, sticks, and other heavy objects, you should consider other Worx blowers or other brands with stronger air outputs, because it wouldn’t give you a tiring task. 

– Speed Options

With the two-speed settings on this blower, you can adjust the air output as you desire. Moreover, for easier accessibility, the button is located on the handle where you can easily reach it with your thumb while working; this would save you anxiety from checking how the machine functions, and you don’t have to get lost in trying to find the right options. 

The lower speed is expelled at 130 MPH and is suited for clearing gravel, garden beds, and areas around mulching material. It is also suitable for blowing tight spaces and hard surfaces, this is because the maximum speed gives you more power to tackle areas in your yard covered with lots of leaves or debris.

– Cord Retention Mechanism

This 160 MPH airspeed electric leaf blower requires you to drag a cord around while working. So, there is a tendency for it to get snagged and accidentally disconnect sometimes.

Cord Retention Mechanism

To prevent this, the WG596 is fitted with a cord retention mechanism that locks the extension cord to the power source, which means that your safety is what the company thought through.

– Ergonomics

You can enjoy comfort while handling the Worx blower because it has a cushioned handle that allows you to grip it firmly without worrying about bruises or callouses during prolonged use. With user-friendliness in mind, Worx designed this blower with only two parts that are really easy to assemble and dismantle for portability and storage.


You also won’t have to bother about regular maintenance because the blower does not require any, except cleaning once in a while and storing it away from harsh conditions, which is a fair task for better strength in functionality.


Overall, the Worx WG506 is a small, good-quality blower to own if you do not have significant blowing needs. Its ease of use and low-maintenance qualities make it an excellent option for use around your home and in small or medium spaces for light cleanups. If you wish to invest in this leaf blower, know that it is one that the company has been spending time perfecting it.

The latter is the reason why the machine has evolved throughout manufacturing. As a result, if you have a small to medium-sized law, this would be perfect for the use of it, think of the compact design, the lightweight and the fact that it has a fair blowing capacity, with a security lock placed in the power source. 

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