Worx WG507 is what you need if you are on the hunt for a new blower that will solve all your problems with porch and yard maintenance.

Worx WG507 Multi-purpose Blower

With its impressive technical specifications and multiple functions, this superb corded electric leaf blower is about to become your new yard cleaning best friend.

If you’d like to learn more about the WG507 and all that it has to offer, make sure to continue reading!

Pros  Cons 
Two adjustable wind speed settings for Increased versatility and control  Relatively noisy performance of 85 dB
Powerful motor that produces air speeds up to 220 mph, creating a forceful blast of air that can handle even heavy-duty clean-ups  No cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging while in use 
Easy to assemble and easy to use 

Product Highlights 

The WG507 gives you everything you could want from a yard maintenance tool: it is powerful, multi-purpose – as it can serve as a blower, vacuum, or mulcher – versatile and incredibly user-friendly. Apart from these, there are many other spectacular specifications that the WG507 offers, such as

  • Powerful 12 amp motor that generates wind speeds up to 220 mph
  • Robust mulcher capable of a ratio of 10:1
  • Two variable wind speed settings that provide versatility and control. 
  • Easy one-touch conversion to switch between the three modes – blowing, vacuuming, and mulching 
  • A simple tool-free assembly that requires no prior knowledge to assemble nor to use 
  • Air volume capacity of up to 350 CFM 
  • Machine weight of 8.8 lbs 
  • Three-year long warranty

Worx WG507 Review

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Worx WG507 Key Criteria
Number of air flow settings
Air flow
Number of functions
Two adjustable wind speed settings for Increased versatility and control
Powerful motor that produces air speeds up to 220 mph, creating a forceful blast of air that can handle even heavy-duty clean-ups
Easy to assemble and easy to use
Relatively noisy performance of 85 dB
No cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging while in use

When it comes to the vast number of available leaf blowers, you can most certainly go beyond the WG507. But its excellent specifications leave you incredibly satisfied, so you wouldn’t even want to look into any other possible options. 

This monster of a leaf blower doesn’t leave any room for disappointment, as it gives you an outstanding performance that leaves you stunned at its sheer awesomeness. It is an all-time fan favorite of many users and it’s not hard to see why. 

Whether you’re just a regular user or a professional, we can guarantee that you will absolutely adore this electric blower. Due to its easy-to-assemble and use design, coupled with its mad powerful motor, this blower vacuum is a suitable option for everyone. 

Worx is among the most reputable and reliable companies in the leaf blower industry. They’ve constantly put out amazing leaf blowers and other yard tools, making them one of the most popular brands available. If it’s Worx, you’re in good hands! Hence we highly implore you to consider the WG507 as a strong candidate for your investment. 

As mentioned above, the WG507 is very easy to assemble and use, making it a good fit for just about anyone. It also comes with an included Worx WG507 manual which is very helpful and gives amazing explanations, including all the specifications and steps to help you understand your device better. 

Alongside the blower’s 12 amp motor, it also comes with an included vacuum tube, blower tube, and a leaf collection bag inside the same box. All the attachments are very easy to insert into the blower and you shouldn’t face any struggles with them. 

The tubes help give you better control and precision to be able to direct the air or the suction to wherever you need it. And the collection bag helps to gather all the collected trash, leaves, and debris into one space so that they can be tossed out at once, rather than you having to run over to the bins every so often. 

Additionally, Worx tools come with a three-year-long warranty that covers any and all replacement parts, including the Worx WG507 replacement bag. If you feel that your product was not up to standard, you can claim the warranty with ease. 

For any further information about warranty cards or warrant eligibility, please make sure to refer to the official Worx website. The Worx leaf vacuum mode in the WG507 model is a great and easy way to take off any stingy leaves laying around that are hard to get, without any hassle. 

How Has This Blower Evolved? 

Worx is continuously upgrading its products, even in comparison to Sun Joe, to make their products better, so when it comes to the WG507, there is no surprise in knowing that the blower continues to stay relevant in the market, thanks to all the ways in which it has evolved and improved. 

To better understand how the Worx series has evolved, let’s make some Worx leaf blower comparisons. First off, let’s compare the WG507 with the latest WG512. Though both the models have the same 12 amp motor, the WG507 produces a greater air speed of 220 mph while the WG512 can only produce an air speed of up to 70 mph

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In other specifications, both the WG507 and the WG512 seem to be equally matched. For instance, they both have two variable air speed options and they’re both capable of all three functions: blowing, vacuuming, and mulching. 

A possible advantage of the newer model is that it has a higher mulching ratio of 16:1 compared to the WG507’s 10:1 ratio. But, according to Worx WG512 reviews, the users seem to find it powerful and easy to use, however, say they struggled with its heavyweight design. 

Now, let’s compare the WG507 to other Worx cordless leaf mulchers and blowers. The Worx WG583 leaf mulcher is a very powerful device that can mulch to a ratio of 12:1, whereas, the WG507 mulches to 10:1. However, the WG507 is a fraction of the price of the cordless one.


Features Breakdown 

– Robust 12 Amp Motor 

The WG507 has a strong motor that generates wind speeds of up to 220 mph, which can handle even big clumps of leaves that are usually hard to budge. It is also a 3-in-1 motor that can alternate between blowing, mulching, or vacuuming. This means that you no longer need to carry around three different pieces of equipment as this one device can do all three of them, also making it easier on your body!

– Two Adjustable Wind Speed Settings

The two adjustable wind speed electric settings can be varied through the control switch, so you can get the optimum force and speed of air that you need for your task. It can handle both light and heavy duty cleanups as it produces a range of air speeds. The high-speed is there to help you with heavier-duty cleanups and stubborn pieces of debris and the low-speed option is for a light everyday cleanup. 

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– Simple One-touch Conversion 

What if we told you that there is an easy method to switch between blowing, vacuuming, and mulching? With just one touch, you can switch between the modes, making it incredibly efficient and time-saving. Now you no longer need to pause between yard work to alternate between the three by adding or removing attachments.

– Tube for Vacuuming

The WG507 comes with a vacuuming tube that lets you direct and controls the vacuum’s suction to exactly where you need to pick up the debris. This makes it easier for you to get into any tight spots and grooves that are usually harder to clean. 

– Leaf Collection Bag

The spacious collection bag lets you collect all the mulch or vacuumed debris in one place. Now you can toss them out or compost the mulch in one go rather.



As you can see, the WG507 has everything you could possibly dream about in a blower! It’s got you covered in each and every way. Therefore, we recommend the WG507 as our top choice for everyone, from someone who needs a normal-use electric blower-mulcher to a professional user who wishes to use it for more heavy-duty clean-ups. 

We hope this review has helped you gain some confidence to make your own choice about investing in the WG507. If you require any further information about purchasing the product or the warranty eligibility, please make sure to go over and check out the official Worx website to get the assistance you need. 

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