The Worx WG509 Trivac is a powerful machine that offers mulching, blowing, and vacuuming capabilities. If you don’t want to take up too much storage space but you need a machine that can work hard for you to clear leaves, this might be an excellent choice.

In this Worx WG509 review, you will learn the extensive capabilities of this blower as well as some alternatives if this model doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Worx WG509 Review

Pros Cons
3 + 1 versatility Doesn’t pick up damp leaves well
Switch between functions with the flip of a switch Can be difficult to operate the switch wearing gloves
One-handed operation Can be tiring over time and doesn’t work well for very tall people
Reaches hard to get to places with excellent power

Worx WG509 Review Highlights

Versatility isn’t the only thing that sets this three-in-one leaf blower apart.

Here are the features that may make you feel like you need to buy this device:

  • Three-in-one versatility including blowing, vacuuming, and mulching
  • Easily switch between functions and change speeds with the flip of a switch
  • Effortless one-handed operation and very lightweight at only 8.6 pounds to reduce fatigue
  • Included bag to contain leaves or mulch
  • Mulches 18 bags of leaves into one
  • Air speed of 75 – 210 mph and volume of 350 CFM

– Versatility

The Worx leaf blower offers a versatile tool in leaf control. You probably don’t have an unlimited amount of space in your shed or other storage areas, so you need a tool that can do a number of functions at once.

This Worx WG509 electric leaf blower can do so much more than blow leaves. Vacuum and mulch capacities enable you to not only move the leaves but meaningfully get rid of them.

Turn useless leaves that can damage your lawn into convenient mulch that is perfect for flower beds. It is incredibly easy to change from leaf blower to vacuum so you can smoothly blow leaves into position, suck them up, and mulch them.

This tool can work especially well in small spaces because of the precise nozzle. The attached bag also makes it convenient to move the clippings short distances. Switch between functions easily.

Mulch as much as 18 bags of leaves into one. You can save a lot of space and make a dense mulch that is great for anywhere you do not want weeds to grow.

For anyone trying to grow flowers and maintain a yard underneath heavy tree cover, the easy switch versatility of this tool is invaluable. Whether you want to save the mulched leaves to use as mulch in your own yard or you will be putting them out in bags at the curb, reducing the bulk as much as possible is your goal. Choose from two power settings whether you are blowing or vacuuming.

– Easy to Handle

This tool is surprisingly easy to handle even with one hand. It has a stylish look that may make your neighbors envious of not only your yard but your tools as well.

If you are a smaller person or often find yourself struggling to handle yard tools, you’ll appreciate the light, easy to maneuver power of this little leaf blower. At only 8.6 lbs, even the smallest people will likely consider this to be very easy to handle.

– Get Into Hard-to-Reach Places

This tool is designed to get into even very tight places easily, so if you’ve been frustrated in the past by leaf blowers that always seem to be blowing the debris everywhere but where you want it to go, you are likely to love the design of this leaf blower.

The tube design curls around at the lip so that it can go under all of your garden fixtures. If you want to suck leaves out from underneath your lawn furniture or decorations, you’ll love the lip on this machine.

This model offers a superb mulch ratio with 18 bags of unmulched leaves compared to one bag of mulch leaves. This is a better ratio than you will find on some of the other models. It packs a whopping 350 CFM of air volume, and from 75 to 210 mile per hour speed.

That means that you’re getting a lot of power for a reasonable amperage. You can run this machine all day without making a mark on your electricity bill, although you won’t have to, since it can get the job done quickly.

Alternatives to the Worx vacuum blower

As you can see from this Worx WG509 review, this is a very handy mulcher/blower/vacuum that will work exceptionally well for most people. However, it’s not the only good option for you to consider.

Here are a few excellent alternatives to this Worx vacuum blower.

1. WORX TriVac WG500 12 amp

This three in one blower is a bit lighter than the Worx WG509, but it is very powerful. It is also typically less expensive.

What’s the same

This model also comes with three functions: mulch, vacuum, and blow. It is ergonomically designed with soft grip handles so that people of any height can handle it conveniently even with one hand.

It has an angle to go under any obstacles in your path. It has the same amperage as the Worx WG509, at 12 amps. This model is as fast as the Worx WG509 and offers the same air volume.

What’s the difference

The Worx WG500 model comes with only one speed, so you can’t adjust the intensity to the job. It is a bit lighter than the Worx WG509 model, at 8.4 pounds. The impeller is plastic rather than metal, so it is more likely to wear down more quickly and may not mulch as effectively. This model can’t mulch as much as the Worx WG509, offering only a 16 to 1 ratio as opposed to an 18 to 1.

When to choose it

If your main goal is blowing, and the sucking and mulch functions aren’t as important to you, you may be able to save some money by choosing this leaf blower. If mulching is important to you, choose the more advanced model with the metal mulching function.

2. WORX Worx WG512Trivac 2.0 Electric 12-amp

This is a powerful lower that has some improvements over the Worx WG509 that are well worth mentioning. However, you are making some sacrifices with this model.

What’s the same

Like the Worx WG509, this is a powerful 12 amp electric blower that can mulch, blow, and vacuum. It has a metal multure that does a good job of cutting leaves down using two stages.

There are two speeds to choose different modes for different jobs. This model weighs the same amount as the Worx WG509. It’s liter than the Worx WG512 but heavier than the Worx WG520.

What’s the difference

This model has made some meaningful improvements on the Worx WG509. The old issue with the switch being difficult to change when you are wearing gloves has been solved by utilizing a dial instead, which is much easier to maneuver while wearing gloves.

The mouth is wide, enabling a more intense blast. Many users found that the Worx WG509 can’t blow or vacuum up damp debris or heavier items like acorns, so this more intense power may be beneficial.

At 8.6 lbs, it is lighter than the Worx WG509 without losing out on much power. It has a straight mouth instead of an angled mouth, which is better for intensity but not as good for finesse.

It has greater air volume, but not as much speed. This model can’t mulch as much as the Worx WG509, offering only a 16.1 mulch ratio as opposed to 18.1 with the Worx WG509.

This machine offers significantly more air volume than the alternatives, at 470 – 600 CFM as opposed to only 350 CFM.

When to choose it

If you often wear gloves while using your blower this may be a good option with its convenient dial turn. It has a wider mouth and a more intense blast but it does not have the angle, so if power is more important than getting under things, just might be a better choice.

3. WORX WGWorx WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower

If you are looking for the lightest blower to do the job, this might be the one for you. At only 6.4 lbs, it is one of the lighter options you’re going to find. However, it can’t do everything that the other models can do

What’s the same

Like the Worx WG509, the Worx WG520 requires only 12 amps to produce a significant amount of power. It is a sleek machine that is convenient to hold with one hand for most people of most heights. There are two speeds to control how powerful the blower is. However, that is close to where the resemblance ends.

What is the difference

The Worx WG520 has reduced airspeed compared to the Worx WG509, at only 60 to 110 miles per hour. The air volume, by comparison, is increased, from 320 to 600 CFM.

A very important point to know is that this machine does not come with the three in one function. It offers a lot of blowing power, but it is not designed to mulch or vacuum leaves. If all you need to do is blow leaves out of an area, this will be a good option. The turbine engine has an attachable nozzle to concentrate airflow and give you a lot of power.

When to choose it

If you need a lot of blowing power in a very light machine that offers superb one-handed operation but you aren’t worried about sucking and mulching capacities, this may be a great machine for you to choose. Keep in mind that it can’t do everything that the other models can do but comes at a similar price.

Should you Choose the Worx WG509?

Is this the right leaf blower for you? If you want a light, powerful, good-looking machine that can do a lot for you for a long time and comes at a reasonable price, this is a good option.

If you’d like more power or a lighter machine, consider one of the alternatives.

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