Choosing Worx WG509 vs Wg512 is a tough task for a consumer as the same manufacturing company made both of these effective leaf blowers.

Worx WG509 vs WG512 Differentiations

This also means that they have similar attributes, but it doesn’t mean that both are the perfect choice for everyone.

The article will give you the necessary information for you to decide which is the best electric blower according to your needs. 

Feature  Worx WG509

Worx WG512

Material and durability  Metal  Plastic 
Weight and handling  11 lbs. 8.6 lbs.
Air speed  80 to 210 mph Up to 75 mph 
Air volume 350 cfm  600 cfm 
Mulch ratio  18:1 16:1 
Sound level  50 dB (A) 79 dB (A)

What Are the Differences Between Worx WG509 and WG512?

The differences between Worx WG509 and Worx WG512 relate to weight, noise level, and air speed. Furthermore, they’re both made from different materials, as the WG509 is made of metal, while the WG512 is made of plastic. Another difference is the fact that they have different mulching ratios. 

All these differences might seem small, but they play an essential role in choosing a blower based on your needs. For instance, are you looking for a lighter blower or one that has more power? These differences are key in finding the blower you need. It’s also essential to understand their similarities

Firstly, they are both corded electric leaf blowers. Furthermore, both are handheld blowers. These two factors can help you identify if they are beneficial for your needs, as well as how the weight will impact your decision. Moreover, both have three modes: blower, vacuum, and mulcher.

The benefit of having a three-mode blower is that you save money and time buying separate devices with those functions. In the end, these similarities probably will help you to be more convinced that they are both good choices.

To understand which product’s suitable for the individual, one should dive into the differences. We created five main categories based on the differences and decided on the winner afterward, and we’ll discuss how these differences change the circumstances. 

– Material and Durability

Winner: Worx WG509 

The first category we’ve identified is the material used to make the blower. Electric blowers are made from metal and plastic. Generally, metal is stronger and more rigid than plastic, so it’s more durable. Now let’s see what materials are used for our products and which is more durable. 

So, WG509’s material is metal and WG512’s is plastic. Following the previously mentioned rule, the winner in this category is WG509. Hence, if you are looking for a durable blower, you cannot go wrong with WG509. 

– Weight and Handling

Winner: Worx WG512

The next category to focus on is weight. Weight plays an essential role in handling. As a general rule, having a lighter blower will help you to maneuver it easier. The WG509 weighs 11 lbs, which goes against WG512’s 8.6 lbs.

Weight and Handling of Worx WG512

Without any doubt, WG512 wins this round. The lightness of this product will also help you with weight fatigue. With a lighter blower, you will not require to carry as much weight as with the WG509. So, if you want an easily maneuverable and lighter product, then your best bet is Worx’s WG512. 

– Air Speed and Air Volume

Winner: Worx WG512

Our next category is air volume and speed. At first glance, it might seem a difficult category to choose due to its multi-speed function. These two blowers have a feature to change the air speed according to your needs. The numbers for Worx WG509 are 80 to 120 mph which goes against WG512’s 75 mph maximum speed

Air Speed and Air Volume of Worx WG512

From this number, you can see that WG509’s speed is higher, even at its lowest. It means that it can perform better in tighter places in contrast to WG512. However, we still have the volume to consider. The air volume for the WG509 is 350 cfm which goes against WG512’s 600 cfm. In this case, WG512 has a higher number, which means it can move large piles of leaves better.

In this case, we look at the number for air volume. The air volume is essential due to the fact it’s responsible for moving a larger amount of leaves from one place to another. Accordingly, WG512 wins because it has a larger air volume, and consequently, it can help you move more leaves without going back and forth.   

– Mulching Ratio

Winner: Worx WG509 

As stated above, these two blowers have a mulching function, which means it’s essential to look at the mulch ratio as well. The mulch ratio of WG509 is 18:1, which goes against WG512’s 16:1. It means that WG509 can mulch 18 leaf collection bags into one, whereas WG512 can mulch 16 bags of leaves into one. 

Mulching Ratio of Worx WG509

So, the winner is the WG509 because it can mulch more leaf bags into one. With the WG509, you can finish mulching faster, which saves you time and energy. So, if you are looking for a blower with a higher capability, you don’t need to go further than the WG509. 

– Sound Level

Winner: Worx WG509 

And the last category that we’ve separated for these two leaf blowers is the noise level. The sound level will help you determine where you can use it. Usually, professionals recommend quieter blowers for people who live in a tighter neighborhood so as not to disrupt the neighbors. Consequently, the louder the devices are, “the better” it is for larger neighborhoods.  

Sound Level of Worx WG509

The WG509 has a sound level of 50 dB (A), and the WG512 has 79 dB (A). With significant differences, this category’s winner is the WG509. So if you are living in a tight neighborhood, your best choice of blower is the WG509. Furthermore, this blower is easier on the operators’ ears. 

Worx WG509 Review


  • Has two different speed modes 
  • Easily switchable functions 
  • High mulching ratio


  • A little heavy blower 

Worx is a reputable brand in the industry with popular blowers, one of them being the WG509. This blower has a power input of 12 AMPS. The dimensions of this blower are as follows: 20 inches (L) x 15 inches (W)x 9 inches (H). It is an electric blower, which means it does not have a tank, which reduces the weight of the blower significantly. 

The weight of the blower is 11 lbs. The low weight of the blower makes it easier to handle and maneuver. Furthermore, it’s a user-friendly blower. Firstly, it has three functions in one, which are blowing, vacuuming, and mulching

Another advantage of this blower is the fact that the change of function does not require any tools or other changes of tubes. The only thing you will need is the switch. The vacuuming function of the blower is also powerful and will save time for you to dispose of the piles afterward. And the final function of this three-functioning blower is mulching. 

The mulcher is a metal impeller, which is not only durable but also cuts in two stages. The next impressive factor about mulching is the ratio. The ratio is 18:1, which means it makes one mulch bag out of 18 bags. This way, you will not need to spend too much time mulching and can complete your task faster. 


And lastly, it’s designed for the operator to use it only with one hand. It will help you to have a free hand and allow more flexibility. The  WG509 only has one downside – it’s relatively heavier. This downside, however, doesn’t outshine all the positives, and in the end, you have a powerful blower, vacuum, and mulcher in one device. 

Worx WG512 Review


  • Adjustable speed modes 
  • Lighter blower 
  • Three functional stages 


  • Louder blower

Another popular electric blower from Worx is WG512. It is one of the lighter models, only weighing 8.6 lbs. The WG512 has an input power of 12 AMP and item dimensions are 35.5 (L) x 10 (W) x 14 inches (H). Similar to other Worx blowers, it also has a two-speed mode

The speed modes allow the operator to speed down or speed up the blower according to the place where they’re cleaning. Furthermore, it’s also a three-in-one blower. It means that by choosing WG512, you will have vacuuming, mulching, and blowing functions. Another plus of this blower is its detachable bag. 

This bag is designed for a clean and easy composting or mulching process. During the detachment, it doesn’t create dirt, making rather dirty work a quick and relatively clean process for you. Despite being made of plastic, it also has a metal impeller.  

This way, you can make sure that you have a durable impeller with shredder blades. The ratio for the WG512 is 16:1, which means it can mulch 16 bags into one. Furthermore, similar to other Worx blowers, the switch between functions is done by one switch. This product only has one downside – the sound level. 


The sound level is 79 dB (A). The relatively high sound pressure can mostly affect where you can use this blower. A blower with this sound capacity is perfect for someone who has a large property or who lives in a remote area. 


Overall, the Worx WG509 won three out of five categories. This model is a fantastic choice for someone looking for a blower with a higher mulching ratio and quiet operation.

On the other hand, the Worx WG512 is a perfect choice for someone who needs a blower with more air volume and power to take care of their large piles of leaves. 

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