This Worx wg510 review gives you the inside details of this handheld, corded electric leaf blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum combo machine.

We’ll take a professional look at how this unit works and its best usages.

This review covers all the specs and operating details on this leaf blower combo unit without pulling any punches on the pros and cons.

Read on to find out if this is the leaf blower you need to keep your yard clean and tidy.

Worx Turbine Fusion Specs:

Power Source  Dimensions Weight  Air Flow Air Speed 
Corded electric 40x10x14 inches 9.3 lbs. 525 c/f/m 65 mph

Worx wg510 Review

Main Product Benefits:

  • 3-in-1 combo blower, mulcher, and yard vacuum
  • Weighs under 10 pounds when in blower mode
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a collection bag
  • 2-speed airflow control on blower
  • Simple to switch between blowing, mulching, and vacuuming

With this corded electric leaf blower, you never have to worry about buying and storing fuel or breathing exhaust fumes while you work. You can also feel good about the impact you’re having on the environment while you keep your yard tidy.

Because this unit uses a standard 120-volt electrical outlet as the power source and not a rechargeable battery, you can keep working for as long as you want without running out of power.

Besides letting you blow leaves from pathways, patios, driveways, and yards, this leaf blower has 3-in-1 functions. It also mulches and vacuums up the pile of leaves with the same tube used for blowing.

– Power Source

This blower comes with a short, 2-prong electric cord attached to the machine. You must provide a longer extension cord to reach the areas in your yard where you are working. It uses a 120-volt power source from a standard home electrical outlet and does not need to be grounded.

Most users prefer a 50-foot or 100-foot long extension cord for reaching all areas of their property. But you can use a shorter extension cord if you want as long as the extension cord is compatible with the machine’s amperage.

– Motor

This Worx Turbine Fusion leaf blower uses a patented turbine motor design for accomplishing three separate tasks: leaf blowing, vacuuming up yard waste, and mulching the debris as you vacuum it up.

The electric motor generates 525 cubic feet per minute (c/f/m) of air volume and 65 miles an hour wind speeds in the high airflow setting. This air volume and speed make this blower suitable for smaller yards in residential locations.

This Worx tool is not a commercial leaf blower, and the motor might not have the power for large leaf blowing jobs or extended use.

This Worx blower 3-in-1 combo has a power rating of 12-amps and a maximum motor load output of 16,500 RPMs.

– Weight and Ergonomics

This Worx leaf blower is a handheld model and does not come with a backpack. However, it does arrive with a shoulder strap that reduces fatigue on your arms while holding the machine. If you prefer, you can use the device without the shoulder strap.

Weighing less than 10 pounds in blowing mode, most people find this tool easy to use. You can hold it by hand while cleaning up leaves and pine needles in medium-sized yards, patios, driveways, and flowerbeds.

When you use it for mulching, its weight will increase as it stores the mulch in its collection bag. Its maximum weight depends on the type of debris it collects. The blower comes with a 1-bushel collection bag.

The handgrip has comfortable padding that reduces vibration from the motor, allowing you to use it for a decent amount of time without numbing your hands.

Using the Worx Leaf Blower

When the Worx blower is in the leaf blowing mode, you have two airflow speeds.
The lower speed works well for moving light debris out of flower beds and planting areas.

The high speed is best for piling up larger leaf debris and twigs from lawns, patios, walkways, and parking areas.

When you want to use the Worx Turbine as a leaf blower, all you have to do is remove the leaf catchment bag, and the machine automatically goes into leaf blowing mode.

When you have the leaves in a pile, snap on the leaf catchment bag, and the machine automatically converts to vacuum and mulching mode instantly. You don’t need to flip a switch to change from blowing to the vacuum and mulching modes.

The same tube is used for all three functions, making it extremely simple to switch between the three modes of action.

Because of the mulching function inside the tube, when you vacuum up a pile of leaves, the volume of debris is reduced to approximately one-eighth of what it would be if you raked up the leaf pile by hand.

The design of this product is specifically for blowing, mulching, and vacuuming leaves, cobwebs, and small twigs. It does not handle larger twigs or wet leaves.

However, some buyers use this unit for blowing leaves into one pile and large twigs and branches into a separate pile, which they then rake up by hand.

Worx Leaf Vacuum and Mulcher

Once you blow the leaves into a pile, attach the included 1-bushel collection bag to the bottom of the machine by snapping it into place. The unit detects the change and automatically switches to mulching and vacuuming mode.

Using the same tube for leaf blowing, you can vacuum up the leaves and pine needles that you’ve piled up. The impellers shred the leaf debris inside the tube with a 2-stage metal impeller. The leaves are chopped to an approximately 24:1 ratio before it goes into the collection bag for disposal.

The mulching feature on this machine means you save a considerable amount of trash can space when disposing of a pile of dry leaves.

Using the vacuum and mulcher also saves considerable time on raking up and bagging the pile of leaves. It also saves on the cost of plastic garbage bags for yard debris.

You can dispose of the mulched leaves by putting them in the green waste recycle bin. You can also use the chopped-up leaves as the brown matter ingredient in a compost pile or use them to mulch planting beds and garden areas.

– Warranty

All Worx tools come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty by contacting the company’s solution center team by phone or online.

Our Test Results

We tried out this 3-in-1 equipment on wet and dry leaves to see how it performs in the real world. Here’s what we found out.

Our operator first tried this machine on dry leaves, and it quickly shredded them to a consistency of sawdust.

However, we discovered that the vacuum mode is not especially strong, but there was a hidden advantage to this fact: It did not suck up small twigs or rocks, preventing damage to the shredder’s impeller.

Our operator reported that the padded handgrip made the tool easy to hold for long periods without fatigue. Also, the overall weight is light enough for reaching up into high places for vacuuming cobwebs and dust on shelves.

We also tried it out using a Worx turbine fusion attachment for connecting to a regular size garbage can in place of the catchment bag. By putting the can on a flat dolly, it was easy to move around on an adjacent walkway while vacuuming and shredding leaves on a strip of lawn.

If you buy an attachment like this, be sure to get one made by Worx. It might not connect properly to the machine using a universal attachment.

The blower on this unit lacked power for moving more than small leaves and twigs, so we don’t recommend it for heavy-duty leaf blowing jobs.

One problem we noted with the shredding feature on this unit is that it creates a large amount of fine dust. We found a layer of dust spread all over the walkways when the operator finished working.

Because of the dust, the shredder might work better on a lawn where the layer of dust is not so much of a problem. We had to blow the dust off of pathways after shredding.

When we tried it out on wet leaves, we found it tended to clog the impellers if the leaf matter was more than slightly damp. We do not recommend using it for shredding seriously wet leaves.

Cleaning the impeller after trying to shred wet leaves was a messy and time-consuming job. It’s vital to unplug the unit before cleaning it out, or it’s potentially dangerous.

The collection bag is not heavy-duty, and while it held up during our test, it looks like it could break open after extended use.

We also noted that some parts on the machine look flimsy. For example, the safety switch construction is a thin plastic that looks like it could easily break. Also, the carbon brushes in the motor appear to be a light-duty construction that could wear out after extended use.

Overall, we found that this Worx blower performed reasonably well when picking up average-sized leaves and tiny twigs, and it shredded them exceptionally well.

However, the shredder produces ample amounts of dust that readily leak from the bag. It worked better when attached to a garbage can where dust could not escape.

Wearing a dust mask when using this device was essential for our operator, and he also needed ear protection as the machine is relatively loud.

We rate this Worx turbine fusion model as a reasonable choice for people with small yards with minimal amounts of leaves and twigs to vacuum up and shred.

Worx Turbine Fusion Overview

This Worx 3-in-1 blower, mulcher, vacuum is designed for light-duty yard clean-up in small to medium-sized yards in residential settings.

It is probably not suitable for large residential properties or commercial applications.
This product allowed us to quickly blow, mulch, and vacuum yard debris.

So Is this Worx Leaf Blower Right for You?

In this Worx leaf blower review, we found most buyers are satisfied with how this product works for light-duty, occasional clean-up in small and medium-sized residential locations.

Many buyers who owned another brand of 3-in-1 leaf blower, mulching, and vacuum combos say this product is superior to other similar products they have used.

The top airspeed of 65 mph on this unit makes it suitable for blowing dry and slightly damp leaves and twigs. It does not work as well for handling large twigs, branches, and gravel, and the motor bushings might wear out after a couple of seasons or with extended use.

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