Worx WG514 should be your choice in the vast marketplace of yard tools, as it is a great multipurpose blower, mulcher, and vacuum that will boggle your mind. This brilliant piece of equipment takes care of everything from blowing to mulching to vacuuming.

Amazing Worx WG514 Blower Deep-dive Guide

Lawn maintenance has never looked so easy, as the WG514 3-in-1 TriVac Deluxe blower leaves no room for distaste or dissatisfaction since its features and specifications are just amazing.

If you’d like to know more about this blower/mulcher/vacuum, please continue reading!

Pros Cons
Two adjustable air speed settings  Relatively heavy weight (12 lbs) 
A robust multi-purpose 3-in-1 motor of 12 amps generates air speeds of up to 70 mph No cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging 
Relatively quiet performance of 70 dB

Highlights of This Powerful Blower

The WG514 is everything you’d expect out of a blower and much more. You could go on and on about its impressive specs: it is powerful, multi-purpose, has adjustable air speeds, and has low noise-production so your neighbors will not be disturbed. 

  • Wind speeds of up to 70 mph 
  • An air volume of up to 620 CFM 
  • Multi-purpose motor that is capable of blowing, mulching, and vacuuming 
  • A metal propeller that is capable of the mulching ratio of 18:1
  •  Collection bag with a capacity of 1.4 bushes
  • A quick, detachable bag for composting or general collection of material 
  • Two variable wind speed settings 
  • Quiet performance of 70 dB noise rating
  • Three-year long warranty 

Worx WG514 Review

Worx WG514 Key Criteria
Number of air flow settings
Air flow
Number of functions
Two adjustable air speed settings
A robust multi-purpose 3-in-1 motor of 12 amps generates air speeds of up to 70 mph
Relatively quiet performance of 70 dB
Relatively heavy weight (12 lbs)
No cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging

When it comes to yard maintenance tools like leaf blowers, mulchers, and vacuums, the WG514 stands its ground. This masterfully crafted blower is about to become your new favorite yard maintenance buddy. It combines three unmissable functions in one package! 

With its ingenious design that combines the three functions – electric blower/mulcher/vacuum – into one machine, it offers a convenient way to quickly and efficiently carry out all your yard maintenance duties with only one piece of equipment. So now you don’t have to haul around three bulky machines at once or run to and from the shed to get one or the other.

It also does not compromise on any aspect that is required from any of the three machines. With a powerful motor that generates an air speed of 70 amps, it is more than enough force to create an impactful blast of air. 

The accompanied mulcher reduces debris to 1/18th of its original size, which in turn saves you multiple runs to the bins, as more mulch may be collected inside the bags. 

It is also incredibly easy to use and assemble, making it so that anyone can use the device without issue. The included user manual is also very helpful and takes you through all the steps and gives you all the required information for running the tool. 

The Worx company is one of the very best and most comprehensive manufacturers of blowers out there. With the Worx universal leaf collection system, you have little to fret about when considering if the Worx 514 is worth your investment or not. We guarantee it would be an excellent addition to your collection!

How Has This Product Evolved? 

The WG514 has evolved in many astounding ways from its preceding models, as Worx has continued to put out amazing blowers one after the other and is constantly upgrading, such as the newly launched Worx WG524, to make sure they offer the best of the best.

To start with, let us take a look at the comparisons between the WG514 and the WG512. The comparison of Worx WG512 vs WG514 is not a new one, as it is the most common one made, so let’s see how exactly each stands up against the other. 

Firstly, both of them seem to have pretty matched specs, making this a fair comparison. Both motors are about the same at 12 amps, but where the WG514 outshines the older version is with its capability of having a high capacity air volume of 620 CFM, whereas the WG512 is only capable of 600 CFM

Secondly, the WG514 has a much stronger mulcher with a mulching ratio of 18:1 whereas, on the other hand, the WG512 has a weaker mulcher with a ratio of 16:1. The newer model lets you mulch debris to 1/18th of its original size, making your life a lot easier by reducing the trips to the bins to empty the collection bags. 

Now let’s compare the WG514 to some more Worx leaf blowers. To start with, the PosiTec Worx WG505 3-in-1 blower/mulcher/vacuum has a motor that is capable of wind speeds of 210 mph which is greater than the WG514’s 70 mph. 

However, the WG514 has a greater air volume of 620 CFM, whereas the WG505 has an air capacity of 350 CFM. Additionally, the WG514 has a greater mulching ratio of 18:1. On the other hand, the WG505 has a mulcher ratio of 16:1.

Now, let’s look at the WG514 against the Worx Trivac blower/mulcher/vacuum with all-metal mulching system WG509. The WG514 again has a greater air capacity than that of its other Worx models. Where the Worx WG509 has a maximum air capacity volume of 350 CFM, this is a drop in the bucket to the WG514’s 620 CFM. 

Additionally, the included bag in the WG514 has a greater capacity than the WG509’s collection bag that can hold up to 1.2 bushels, while the WG514 holds up to 1.4 bushels.


Features Breakdown 

– Simple Conversion Switch 

The conversion switch on this Worx blower vacuum makes it very easy to switch between blowing, vacuuming, or mulching. It just requires a flip of the switch and you’re good to go from one mode to the other without having to stop and add or remove additional parts from the device. 

– Powerful 3-in-1 Multi-purpose Motor 

The robust motor produces wind speeds of up to 70 mph which are strong enough to clear up any debris littering up your porch, driveway, or yard. This makes the task quick and efficient so that you don’t have to slave away for hours to clean up your lawn. 

– Metal Impeller 

The WG514 features a metal impeller with a blade that shreds in two stages. In the first stage, it chops up the debris, and in stage two, it mulches them down to 1/18th their original size. This in turn reduces your effort and time consumption as you don’t have to make multiple trips to the bins to empty the collection bags too often as now they can hold more mulch in them. 

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– Detachable Bag for Composting or General Collection

The blower comes with a quick detachable collection bag that lets you store all the collected debris in one place and throw it out all at once rather than making several trips. Additionally, it also prevents you from manually picking up each and every leaf or piece of debris which is a very monotonous task.

– Two Adjustable Wind Speeds 

The two variable air speeds offered by this blower allow you to produce exactly the right power and air pressure that you need for whatever task you intend to carry out. Now you can control the air produced and exert just the right amount of it for whatever task! 



As you can see, it doesn’t get much better than the WG514. It gracefully combines all the tools needed for yard maintenance into one handheld blower, vacuum, and mulcher. With the WG514, you can say goodbye to the struggles of slugging around three different bulky machines. 

The WG514 is our top choice recommendation for those people who need a day-to-day easy-to-use blower-mulcher vacuum. It is well worth the investment and will quickly become your most trusted tool! To see more information such as the buying process, warranty eligibility, or more, please refer to the online official Worx website and seek out the appropriate assistance you require. 

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