Worx WG518 is the sole device you will need for all your leaf-blowing, vacuuming, and mulching needs! It is a magnificent and powerful device with incredible features and is an excellent tool with great versatility, enabling you to simultaneously perform all your driveway cleaning duties.

Worx WG518 Leaf Blower Review

We explore all its specifications and features in great detail below, so if you want to know more about this wonderful piece of equipment, continue reading this review. 

Pros Cons
Dual speed adjustments Does not have a cord lock — the risk of accidental unplugging while in use is big 
Lightweight (7.5 lbs) and hence easy to use Can pick up twigs but not powerful enough to mulch them 
A powerful motor capable of speeds up to 250 mph

Worx WG518 Highlights 

The WG518 is an all-in-one: blower, vacuum, and mulcher, with a powerful 12 amp motor and adjustable speed controls, that offers you complete and utter control and precision for your intended task. The tool is capable of a mulching ratio of 16:1 with its monstrous impeller which handles the job like a breeze.

Other impressive features of the WG518 include:

  • Max air velocity of up to 250 MPH
  • Variable speed leaf blower: 160 MPH to 250 MPH
  • Powerful 12 amp electric leaf blower vacuum motor 
  • Up to 400 cfm air volume
  • Three-year warranty guarantee
  • Rated voltage of 120 V 
  • Mulch ratio of 16:1
  • One-touch blower/vacuum mode conversion 
  • Machine weight of 7.5 lbs

Worx WG518 Review

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Worx WG518 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Dual speed adjustments
Lightweight (7.5 lbs) and hence easy to use
A powerful motor capable of speeds up to 250 mph
Does not have a cord lock — the risk of accidental unplugging while in use is big
Can pick up twigs but not powerful enough to mulch them

As far as leaf blowers, vacuums, and mulchers go, the WG518 is as good as it gets. It leaves little to no room for dissatisfaction, as its features make it incredibly versatile and useful. Now you are able to completely clean up and maintain your yard with one single device as there is no need to hassle around with three separate devices.

The WG518 handles all your yard cleaning-related issues by itself. Its comfortable and durable strap ensures utter ease while you are handling the machine, and its easy-to-attach attachments plus one-touch conversion between the three settings offer the greatest efficiency. 

The dual adjustable wind speed blower ensures that you always have the optimum air velocity and pressure for the task at hand, allowing you full control over the wind speed you wish to produce. Along with the 12 amp all-in-one blower / mulcher / vacuum, you also receive the appropriate attachments in the same box, including a leaf collection bag, a vacuum tube, and a concentrator nozzle. 

The attachments are easy to assemble, and the Worx WG518 manual is simple to understand and follow, making sure you are fully equipped and ready to go for your task at hand. Any additional Worx WG518 replacement parts are available on the Worx website and are just a click away at all times, so the maintenance of the electric blower is as easy as pie. 

With an immensely strong metal impeller with a ratio of 16:1, handling the otherwise tedious task gets super easy. It also includes a shoulder strap that allows you to comfortably wear the blower-mulcher, leaving your hands free to handle the two-handed operation of directing and maneuvering the machine instead. 

Worx is a respectable and highly qualified company who was awarded the Popular Mechanics Tool Awards in 2021 for its reliable machines. Therefore, you have little to fret about when choosing Worx’s all-in-one blower mulcher vacuum

How Has the Worx WG518 Evolved? 

The Worx WG518 has evolved significantly in being lightweight and easy to maneuver. Where the WG505 weighs in at 9.8 lbs, the WG518 weighs in at only 7.5 lbs, which is quite a notable difference. We find that the newer model has improved from the Worx WG505.

Outdoor Chores with the Worx Leaf Blower

Worx has produced some of the most recognizable and reputable blowers and mulchers in the business, namely the Worx series including the Worx WG512, Worx WG509, Worx WG518E, and the I-Worx blowers. 

If we are to look at other blowers in the Worx series for comparisons, or even at other brands such as Sun Joe, we would find that the WG518 has improved in various ways, one of which is its ergonomic lightweight design and maneuverability. 

Not only does the WG518 rate higher for light weight and maneuverability, but it also rates higher on suction power when compared with WG505. Another notable comparison we would like to make is the Worx WG518 vs WG512. Admittedly both blowers have impressive specifications, but where the WG518 outshines its older model is with its extraordinary airspeed. 

The trivac leaf tool is capable of delivering wind speeds up to 75 MPH, a drop in the bucket compared to the WG518’s 250 mph velocity. Again, the WG518 weighs in at just slightly lighter — WG518 at 7.5 lbs and WG512 at 8.6 lbs. Another significant change in the WG518 from the older models is its much quieter performance with a noise rating of just 81.2 dB, even during the mulching capability


Features Breakdown 

– Adjustable Speed 

The WG518 offers an adjustable control that lets you pick between two-speed settings, ensuring you have the appropriate wind speed and pressure for the task at hand, whether it be cleaning delicate flowerbeds or hard gravel driveways.

3-in-1 Blower, Vacuum, and Mulcher Settings 

It has a simple one-touch conversion system that allows you to quickly and easily change modes.

Effortlessly Clean Your Yard

Now you can switch between blowing, vacuuming, and mulching with the greatest efficiency and without having to stop in between yard work. 

– Tool-free Assembly

When the WG518 arrives at your doorstep, in the box, you find the blower plus all its attachments, including the concentrator nozzle, the mulching bag, and the easy-to-attach blower/vacuum tubes

Alongside those, you also receive the user manual, which includes easy, self-explanatory instructions on how to assemble and use your blower. 

The manual does a great job of explaining the assembly and it is also quite easy to understand as is, so you do not face any problems with the assembly and anyone is capable of putting it together and using it. 

– Concentrator Nozzle to Increase and Direct Airflow

The WG518 comes with a concentrator nozzle meant to be attached at the opening end. This allows you to direct airflow and increase its pressure and blowing speed, ensuring your work gets done with ease and efficiency.

– Debris Bag

The bag allows you to quickly collect all debris produced while mulching and gather it in the device’s bag to be tossed out easily.

Get More Done in Less Time

This makes the task less daunting and saves you time, as you no longer have to make multiple trips to the bins to empty out the collected debris, because the bag capacity is enough for it all. 

– Tubes for Vacuuming 

It also includes straight tubes for vacuuming that are easy to attach to be used in the vacuum mode setting. This allows for greater precision while using the vacuum setup, so now you can go wild when leaf vacuuming all around your yard decorations and outdoor furniture!

– Powerful 12 Amp Motor

The powerful 12 amp blower motor is capable of generating wind: blowing up to 250 mph air speed. This is ideal for any patio or driveway clean-ups and ensures that your work not does gets done in time but is also a hassle-free experience for you.

– Three-Year Warranty

It is also worth noting that the all-purpose blower comes with a three-year warranty, offering you ample time to use and test the device and make sure it is the perfect fit for you and your needs.

Ultimate Leaf Blower for Easy Yard

Such a prolonged warranty is also a testament to the trust the brand puts in this device, so you no longer need to be worried about it not working out for you.



Overall, we believe that the WG518 is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable, strong, and easy-to-use all-purpose blower. For all the reasons mentioned above, we recommend the WG518 as a suitable option for many potential buyers. 

The WG518 offers everything you could need, thus making it a contender for one of the best options in the marketplace currently. From its impressive product features to its user-friendliness, anyone can use it regardless of their prior experience with yard tools. So now you can save time by multitasking while maintaining your driveways and yards in the best condition possible!

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