Worx WG521 is truly an astounding piece of equipment, so this is a leaf blower you want to have in your possession for any of your yard maintenance problems.

Product Review of Worx WG521

It offers an amazingly powerful motor along with other incredible specifications, which will all be explored in extensive detail below.

Make sure to keep reading if you would like to find out more about what makes this tool so special!

Pros  Cons 
Very powerful 12 Amp motor  Relatively noisy performance (92 dB) 
Turbine fan technology that delivers forceful and high-capacity air volume
Lightweight (6.6 lbs) 
Cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging or extension sagging

Product Highlights 

The WG521 offers you all that you would require of a leaf blower. As it is powerful, versatile, durable, and easy to use, this leaf blower will become your favorite in no time.

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  • A powerful motor capable of blowing air speeds up to 135 mph and an air volume of 800 CFM.
  • Turbine fan technology delivers a forceful blast of high-capacity air. 
  • Variable air control: 70 – 135 mph / 420 – 800 CFM
  • Machine weight of 6.6 lbs
  • Three-year warranty guarantee 
  • Hyper-stream air nozzle for those tough-to-get spots 

Worx WG521 Review

Worx WG521 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functions
Very powerful 12 Amp motor
Turbine fan technology that delivers forceful and high-capacity air volume
Lightweight (6.6 lbs)
Cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging or extension sagging
Relatively noisy performance (92 dB)

The Worx WG521 snow and leaf blower is one of the best options out there when it comes to powerful blowers. This is because it leaves little to no room for doubt and dissatisfaction and stands out from the rest with its lightweight design that does not compromise on the sheer motor force, delivering on both aspects – an easy-to-maneuver machine and an exceptionally powerful motor that quickly blasts away all that debris on your porch with no problem. 

The electric leaf blower has an excellent dynamic airflow design that maximizes efficiency. With a motor of 12 amp electric turbine technology, the machine can produce forceful blasts of air ranging up to speeds of 70 – 135 mph and air volume capacity of 420 – 800 CFM, which effectively thrust away all that lying debris without hindrance. 

It also comes with a hyper-stream air nozzle that really gets into those groves and tough spots and clears them up right away. Also, the nozzle allows for better control by directing the air through it and out of its end, letting you conduct and control the powerful flow of air. 

As mentioned above, the overall weight of this Worx turbine leaf blower is 6.6 lbs, which is considerably lighter than other available marketplace options. This lets you easily maneuver the device for optimum control, so now you can be assured that every corner of your yard will be covered without any struggle. 

It also comes with an in-built cord retainer. This retainer prevents the risk of accidentally unplugging the blower or sagging around the extension while in use, further adding to the comfortability and ease of use of this machine. 

It is worth noting that all Worx tools come with a three-year-long warranty that covers any damaged or missing parts. So now, you can be at ease when purchasing your Worx blower, because in case you feel dissatisfied about any of the parts or machinery, Worx has you covered. Be sure to check out their warranty eligibility and further information about the warranty on the official Worx website. 

How Has This Product Evolved? 

The WG521 has evolved in such innovative new ways that make sure it always stays a step ahead of its competitors. It brings new and fresh solutions to the table, making it constantly relevant and timeless.

The most common comparison made is the Worx WG520 vs WG521, so how does the newer model stand up against the old? Let us start with the motor. 

While both the WG521 and the WG520 have 12 amp turbine motors, the WG520 is only capable of producing air speeds of 110 mph and air volume of 600 CFM, which quite obviously cannot compete with the WG521, which produces an astonishing air speed of 135 mph and air volume of 800 CFM. 

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Secondly, while both the WG520 and WG521 have variable speed controls, the older version has a slightly smaller range as it does not produce air speeds as high as WG521. Although the older model seems to weigh slightly less than the newer WG521 at 6.4 lbs, a minute difference of only 0.2 lbs, so we do not consider this a major drawback at all. 

To run some more comparisons, let us compare the WG521 to the electric blowers of other manufacturers. First, let us have a look at the Worx WG521 vs Toro F700. Again this seems like quite a fair comparison as both the WG521 and the Toro F700 have motors that are equally matched at 12 amps. 

Where the Toro can only produce a maximum air volume of 725 CFM, the WG521 can do 800 CFM. Additionally, the Toro blower does not offer any variable air control whereas the WG521 does. 

Secondly, while both blowers are quite lightweight, the WG521 weighs slightly lower than the Toro: the Toro weighs about 6.7 lbs and the WG521 at 6.6 lbs. Not a big difference at all, but still worth considering. 


Now let us compare the WG521 to Sun Joe blowers. One of the most popular blowers would be the SBJ597E, so let us compare it against the WG521. To start with the motor, it offers a mere 6 amp motor, whereas, on the other hand, the WG521 destroys its competitor by offering a much more powerful 12 amp motor. Additionally, this does not give you the option to vary your airspeed, whereas the WG521 does, giving the WG521 an upper hand. 

Features Breakdown

– Powerful 12 Amp Motor 

This turbine blower features a motor that generates air speeds of up to 135 mph and an air volume of 800 CFM. This gives you a powerful tool that is capable of light to heavy-duty clean-ups, allowing you to quickly clear away all the debris and leaves with no issues. 

– Turbine Fan Technology 

The turbine fan technology on this blower produces an impactful high-capacity air volume. This lets you easily clean up even the hardest, most stubborn areas of debris or piles of leaves with ease. 

– Variable Air Control

The variable air control gives you the chance to adjust the air speed to fit your task accordingly. This lets you produce the optimum airspeed you require for whatever task you wish to carry out, from clearing delicate flower beds to hard gravel driveways. 

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– Hyper-stream Air Nozzle

The hyper-stream Worx WG521 nozzle attachment directs air through it. This lets you control and conduct the air that you wish to be produced, as well as helps you get into tough spots. Thus it makes sure that every last spot of your yard driveway or porch is taken care of. 

– Lightweight Dynamic Design

The overall machine weight of the blower is a low 6.6 lbs, which makes it incredibly easy to maneuver and drive the blower. Now you do not have to struggle beneath its weight!

– Three-year Warranty Card

The blower comes with a three-year-long warranty period, so have ample time to try it out and make sure the tool is in perfect working condition when you receive it.


This means you won’t have to settle for anything less than perfect!


For all the reasons mentioned above in this Worx WG521 review, we highly recommend it to anyone who is on the hunt for a powerful blower. We assure you that the WG521 leaves no room for dissatisfaction as it is capable of any light to heavy-duty clean-ups, so worry not, you are in safe hands with the WG521. 

To find this blower at your closest Lowe’s, search ‘Lowes Worx WG521’ for all possible locations near you. For any further information about the purchasing process, shipping details, warranty eligibility, and other gas powered and cordless leaf blowers check out the official Worx website to gain the appropriate information you seek!

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