Worx WG543 is a leaf blower that prioritizes convenience and effective results with its blower features that suit your garden needs. Another perk is affordability and the ease of getting this blower on the market, which adds to its benefits.

Worx WG543

However, is it the right purchase choice, and why should you pick it over other similar blowers on the market? Answering the questions above is the first step to getting a blower tool that best serves you.

We bring you a Worx WG543 review to match its benefits with your garden needs, and here are the details.

Pros Cons
Wind speed peaks at 130 MPH Less language translations available for the manual
Brushless and cordless design Average noisy
Airflow peaks at 410 CFM  
Reduced noise  

Worx WG543 Highlights 

The Worx blower serves you more than just blowing features but also convenience to match the aim of its creation. It’s a consumer-targeted product that considers usability, efficiency, and durability to complete your gardening tasks.

The Worx blower offers you more than range alone and helps you on your gardening journey matching your green passion.

Below is a listed summary of the features this Worx 20v leafjet blower brings to you to match your gardening activities:

  • Wind speed 
  • Adjustable dial
  • 20v, 4.0Ah battery with charger
  • Maximum airflow stats of 410 CFM
  • Wind speeds up to 130 MPH
  • Brushless motor and cordless product
  • Handheld design and lightweight
  • Less noise during use

Worx Blower Review

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Worx WG543 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
Wind speed peaks at 130 MPH
Brushless and cordless design
Airflow peaks at 410 CFM
Reduced noise
Less language translations available for the manual
Average noisy

When you aim to prioritize the Worx leaf blower you would see how you are enjoying several features that make your gardening tasks easy to complete. One is the lightweight, handheld design that makes the blower portable to use around your yard.

To set it in short, the handheld design also gives you a better grip on the product to prevent it from slipping from your hands during use, which would ease the task’s tiresome feeling.

The next aspect is the airflow quality as this leaf blower ranks high with its airflow capacity aiding gardening tasks. It has airflow capacity that runs up the ladder giving you up to 410 CFM with a wind speed of 130 MPH. 

Our score for this cordless leaf blower works efficiency as its CFM and MPH combination gives you convenient use, because these are the main triggering aspects that you should be checking before you start investing. You get to finish your task fast and do it as efficiently as possible with this product.

The adjustment feature for wind speeds makes the product versatile and convenient for your garden tasks. You can complete tasks requiring different wind speeds with the same product without switching it.

When you invest in this leaf blower, you should know that it gives more versatility to this cordless blower while giving you more for gardening, as you would blow out the excess dirt, dust and leaves that do not serve a purpose but make it look messy. 

On the other hand, it has an installed adjustment dial, that has been combined with the airflow and wind speed, increases the value of this product and its benefit to you. As this dial have been placed, it is one that would subtract your stress, because now, you can fixate on the airflow that you wish.

It’s time to go into the details of the product’s special features to improve your gardening experience, because this product is a great deal that you must be investing in. 

The entire product offers great results with the combination of its features for the best experience. The inclusion of a battery charger in the product packaging and extended range also gives more runtime and durability. It means you can use it for extended periods without worrying about any fuel emissions during use.

How Has Worx WG543 Evolved?

The Worx WG543 has evolved by having better maximum air volume of 400 CFM rather than its closest predecessor, the WG547, that has 360 CFM. On the other hand, it is more light weight than other model, as this is 2.3 lbs, white the WG547 is 3.5 lbs.

The leafjet cordless leaf blower has developed over the years, bringing more convenience and durability to the market for gardeners. Its close predecessor, Worx WG547, takes a turbine look merged with its blower design but with a different design. 

The current Worx does better with its simplified design and higher rating regarding its airflow and wind speed. It also retains reduced noise levels despite increasing sound by 10 dB, which is a plus for this product, which is 69 dB. The power share feature has also improved, allowing battery usage with the same branded products.


Product Features Breakdown

– Handheld Design

Donning an orange and black brand color, the product with handheld design to provide a better grip during use. It also gets easier to use for other tasks without any worries about stressing your arms while using the product. With this convenient blower, you don’t need to squat as much when clearing leaves or performing other tasks.

– Lightweight

Its lightweight design also adds to the compact appearance and easy usability of the product. Both aspects come together and support the range of this blower to give you convenience during every gardening activity.

Knowing that it is a hand held device, and not one that would have a perfect grip upon your shoulders, it is very simple to say that the product has been designed to be light in its weight so that the end user won’t feel stressed when managing the chore.

Whether you are covering a big ground or a simple average yard, you should know that the machine has been build in away that your arm muscles won’t be sore at the end of the day. 

The machine is one that weights 2.3 pounds, but if you add the battery, it would add up to 3.8 pounds, which is still a matter that would be considered lightweight.

– Brushless And Cordless Features

Worx delivers much more with its brushless technology offering you more than its predecessors in terms of airflow and durability. The brushless technology helps you get more power when considering both air pressure and battery life.

On the other hand, when the machine is brushless, it shows that the product itself, is more cost effective and beneficial for the use in the long run, which is the case of this machine as well.

Brushless And Cordless Features

You get to enjoy the experience of the air push without it consuming as much power as you would expect for that airflow. It also gets better since the cordless feature adds to the efficiency giving you more maneuverability when using the product. You don’t need to keep it plugged in during use, giving you more range and flexibility.

– Battery, Charger, Power Sharing Function

Compared to products that use engines and fuel, the Worx WG543 20v power share leafjet blower offers you more diversity. It uses a battery system, so you won’t worry about emissions or refueling the blower. 

You also get a quality charger for your battery, giving you more runtime than you would expect for continuous use. The power-sharing function also lets you use the same battery as other Worx-branded products, which is great.

In short, you won’t need to waste your finances getting excess batteries when you can get a few for all products, because everything that you would worry about has already been thought of, just like this aspect is covered by the company. 

– High Airflow And Wind Speed

Using a blower that gives so much airflow and wind speed tends to attract more noise than you would expect. However, the innovative techniques that Worx implements reduce the noise with its other features to create convenience.

Its rechargeable battery helps give more power, different from the Worx 18v blower while removing any engine noises during use. 

– Less Noise

You only get to worry about windy noises caused by the high airflow and wind speeds, but it’s not very loud. You can get ready to enjoy a low noise operation as you work around your garden with the Worx blower. 

Remember that the average noisy machine would be above 70 to 75 dB, whereas this machine has a noise level of 69, which means it is on the verge of being on the average, and maybe even a bit more than that. However, it is still great compared to others. 

– Compact Packaging

The packaging is little since there are fewer parts to be included in this package as it’s pretty compact. You can expect the contents you will find in the packaging after unboxing to be the blower tool and battery. 

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Also included in the package is the charger and product user manual to guide your usage. It will be quite fair for you to pack it and store it if you have a small or a medium sized house.

You might also find extra accessories with the package depending on discounts at the time delivered with free shipping add-ons. Nevertheless, it’s compact and easy to assemble based on several Worx leafjet blower reviews across different purchasing platforms.

– Worx Rechargeable Blower Pricing

All Worx Blowers have their pricing to be affordable, and this product is no different from the rest. It’s affordable and is the best investment you can give to your garden at this point. You can always get the new product with its complete packaging at $160 from a trusted and verified store. 

However, note that if you aim to purchase it from a hand-me-downs or used products might not guarantee quality or complete packaging, especially if the store isn’t trusted. So, ensure you always have that in mind when purchasing this blower, regardless of the lower price.



Our detailed review guide on the Worx quality blower for your garden is finally complete to aid your decision-making process. You know now how the product benefits your gardening operations and the comfort it brings during garden use.

So, the next step is to finalize your decision based on the reviews above and purchase your blower choice. Remember to purchase your product from a trusted store to enjoy original and quality products. A popular leaf blower alternative can be the Worx Turbine Fusion WG510 model.

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