Worx WG545 1 is the ultimate leaf blower that will make your work easier with all the features it offers, thereby improving your garden operations. It has several advantages and features but do you need that much, or is it too little compared to your needs?

Worx WG545 1 Product Review

It’s time to note what it brings and how it serves your lawn and garden cleaning operations. So, let us dive into the details with our review of this cordless leaf blower and answer all your questions.

Pros Cons
Compact and ergonomic Low airflow capacity at 80 CFM
Power sharing feature Slightly low wind speed at 120 MPH
Multiple accessories included

Worx WG545 1 Highlights

The Worx air blower takes a rather different approach to offer blower services to users implementing convenience and optimal efficiency. What you must know is that this machine is one that has unique features that specify this air cordless leaf blower offers based on its specifications and customer priority.

  • Rechargeable 20V battery and charger
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Compact and lightweight blower appearance
  • Multiple accessories
  • Maximum airflow capacity at 80 CFM
  • Wind Speeds up to 120 MPH max
  • Power share feature
  • Three year warranty

Worx WG545 1 Review

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Worx WG545 1 Key Criteria
Number Of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
Compact and ergonomic
Power sharing feature
Multiple accessories included
Low airflow capacity at 80 CFM
Slightly low wind speed at 120 MPH

The first notable aspect of this high-quality leaf blower is the compact and ergonomic design that was implemented in this product. Its design makes it so light that you can enjoy using the blower with one hand alone without any setbacks.

Moreover, you should also think about the handle, because it is also part of the design that is structured in the utmost manner of the ergonomic grip which is how it results in a firm structure, so it doesn’t slip while you use it.

Its versatility is another key feature that would let you enjoy a series of functions since you can use it as a blower, vacuum, and even with brushes. The series of accessories make this product do more than blow out leaves on your lawn or garden. What you must signify is how your workflow will only get faster and more efficient when you maximize this blower with all its features. 

Moreover, you must also consider the outcome, as the Worx Blower WG545 1 improved results despite its low air contribution with wind speeds and airflow capacity. Which would make you capable into receiving the maximum output of 120 MPH for the wind speed and 80 CFM for its total airflow capacity. However, these two still contribute to giving you the best experience you can get with the versatility included in it.

When you use this machine, remember that it improves as you also get an adjustment dial to enjoy variable wind speeds when using this quality blower, it also depends on the space that you are working with. On the other hand, you should also consider how the variable dial is set to the handle top section for easy access, creating a seamless switch between your choices.

It combines the Worx WG545 battery and charger with all other features that this blower gives to help you complete tasks. 

How Has Worx WG545 1 Evolved?

The Worx WG545 1 has evolved by having a lower noise rate from its predecessor, the WG512, as it used to have 79 dB, but now it has 61. In addition, the WG545 1 weighs 3.5 pounds, whereas the WG512 weighs 8.6 pounds, which means it’s lighter.

Worx Wg545 1 Has Evolved by Having a Lower Noise Rate

Worx blowers take leaps to improve and be better than their past releases, and the WG545 1 version isn’t any different. It proves its improvement in weight as it has become much lighter than its predecessors and similar products, and thus would lower the hassle of having to accomplish the chore. However, it tends to lose out on wind speed and airflow capacity.


Feature Breakdown

– Ergonomic and Compact Design

Worx prioritized customer satisfaction, especially the ease of using this product, leading them to improve its design significantly. It is light enough to use on one hand, which means you don’t need to worry about stressing both arms to use, and the grip is made just right so that you wouldn’t have to worry so much into cramping your muscles. 

What you must also consider is how the task would get better as using it with one hand still comes with less strain and fatigue compared to similar products.

Customer reviews go further to acknowledge the design of this product, including the safe and firm handle grip that it has. You can always maximize your runtime since using it long-term won’t cause any stress to you for optimal activities. 

– Worx 20V Blower Battery

The blower comes with a 20v lithium battery that has been made to support power-sharing with other products. You can only enjoy this feature with products from the Worx Brand, which serves you well without losing efficiency over time. 

The Blower Comes with A 20v Lithium Battery

Your purchase allows you to select between a 4.0Ah and 2.0Ah battery for your product power source. The battery power system improves since you can expand your runtime with a Worx WG545.1 battery replacement. However, you should not worry about purchasing extra batteries if you use many Worx products due to its power-sharing feature.

– Wind Speed, Adjustment Switch, And Airflow

Creating an optimal workflow for you in combination with the attachments are the wind speed, adjustment dial, and airflow capacity. The wind speed, which peaks at 120 MPH, guarantees a force that will get the job done quickly. 

The airflow capacity also gives you a run for your money despite holding a lower value than many other products. Adjustment switches keep doing their job, which is the same for this product with its speed variations. You get to choose a high or lower speed to use depending on your objective and task at hand, which is great regarding the task in hand, and the area that you are performing this job on, which means that the manufacturing needs are all there for you with the perfect adjustments given. 

– Packaging

Your purchase product is always guaranteed to come with the Worx cordless leaf blower with battery and charger included. You also get a series of attachments like a deflector, brush, and the traditional vacuum attachments common to regular vacuum cleaners, which shows you that the company that have produced it, ensures you the longevity, as you clean their machine, the life would become longer. 

The packaging doesn’t include a replacement bag or a high-capacity nozzle. Still, it comes with another special tube to use for deflating. You also get a Worx WG545.1 manual along with the packaging to get you up to speed in using the product. The manuals are informative and available in several languages so that you can use them regardless of location.

– Product Attachments

The product attachments that Worx includes with this blower help to create a seamless workflow without switching tools. You get a deflator that works to be able to take out air from rubber rafts, balloon pools, and mattresses, and this would show you how the machine can be functional in different ways.  

Product Attachments that Worx Includes with This Blower

The brush is useful in cleaning several object surfaces without the need to move these objects about during the process. It also has a flexible tube to help you blow closer surfaces optimally without straining your arms. The funnel and flat vacuum attachment help to blow out leaves and debris on surfaces more efficiently than you expect.

– Pricing

Worx Air products have their pricing to be affordable, and this is no different. Still, factors affect the price tags you see around. One factor is the condition of the product being new or used, and another is discounts on products. Used blowers are cheaper than brand-new ones, but you lose many extra features you would benefit from. 

Most used products usually don’t come with a warranty, and most extra accessories that the product includes. You can always get the new purchase would definitely be more expensive, because you are the primary user, while the used product comes at almost half the price, depending on the condition.

– User Manual

The user manual included in the package also considers you as it gives you a walkthrough in assembling the product for use. It includes all the essential information including power, technical details, and fixing of the accessories along with its best use, and in case you need to perfect this manner, you cal ways go back to the manual for the perfect explanation. 

You get three different language sections in the manual which are English, French and Spanish based on your preference. So you don’t need to worry about searching for translations to get the details in the manual.

In short, you should also know that the functionality of the Worx blower brings you everything you could have asked for with its creation to serve indoors and outdoors. 



You have all you need to decide as our guide has brought all the information to you. Matching the information with your preference is the next step to getting the product that will serve you best. It’s all left to you to prepare your finances, hurry up to your favorite store, and make your blower purchase. 

Now, a key feature or an aspect that you should remember when you are choosing your machine, is that you should match your choice to your budget to know if you can afford it or switch to a different one. Moreover, you must also note your objective to help you choose between a used Worx 20v blower – tool only and a new one. You should also check out our detailed review of the Worx TriVac WG500 model, which is an older one, but very popular!

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