The Worx wg546 is a battery-powered leaf blower with a simple and easy-to-use design. And it just might be what you need for tidying up in your home landscape, garden, or workshop.

In this Worx wg546 review, you’ll find out all the details about how this machine stacks up against similar garden tools, and we won’t hold back on telling you about any problems we discovered.

We’ll take a deep look into this 20v Worx blower and give you the specs, highlights, pros, and cons so you can make an informed buying decision about this product.

Worx Cordless Blower Pros and Cons



High airflow capacity

Long recharge time
One-hand operation

Low airspeed

Low weight

Short run-time
3-year warranty


Worx wg546 Product Highlights

This battery-operated leaf blower is about as simple as possible when it comes to operation. Pop in the battery, push the start button, and you’re ready to blow leaves, yard debris, and dust off your lawn or driveway, or clean out the gutters or garage.

  • High capacity turbine fan blower
  • 340 cfm airflow capacity
  • Two airspeed and airflow settings
  • Single-hand operation
  • Low weight and well balanced
  • One 20-volt battery and charger included
  • Compact and easily portable

Worx wg546 Review

If you have a small yard that needs some big cleaning, this Worx cordless blower might be just what you need. This battery-powered blower has an exceptionally high air volume rating for moving large piles of leaves, branches, and heavy yard debris.

This machine is light and easy to hold in one hand while maneuvering around, blowing leaves off of a lawn, dust out of a garage, or debris out of a rain gutter. The control buttons are convenient to reach, and the nozzle is wide, giving you a broad swath of blasting air for many types of cleanup.

However, the battery in this 20v Worx blower does not have a long run time – less than 10 minutes on the high setting – before it needs recharging. So, it’s not one of those garden tools helpful for people with big or even medium-sized yards.

We can say this blower is a snap to assemble. You simply snap on the blower tube, charge the battery and insert it in the tool, and off you go. You can also easily remove the blower tube after assembly if you want the unit to take up less space in storage or transport.

This machine provides lots of power and great ergonomics that can significantly benefit people with limited needs for a leaf blower.

Worx wg546 Main Product Features

– Turbine Fan Blower

The powerhouse in this tool is the turbine fan that generates a high air volume. Air volume tells you how much wind moves through the blower tube every minute, and in this case, that is an impressive 225 or 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm), depending on the setting you select.

More air volume gives you more power for moving large piles of leaves, heavy pine cones, and bigger-sized branches. But the top airspeeds on this model are relatively low at 60 or 90 mph, depending on which of the speed settings you choose.

The wide opening at the end of the tube helps get lots of air focused on a big pile of leaves and blowing dust and debris out of the garage or workshop.

You can also buy a hyper-stream air nozzle attachment for narrowing down the tip of the tube for clearing suborned debris, like what you find in the cracks between boards in a deck or stuck in the grill of a car’s radiator. However, this attachment does not come with the product when it’s shipped, and you have to purchase it separately.

While the turbine fan in this blower produces plenty of air volume at high RPMs, we have some concerns about the quality of the bearings and how they might hold up over time. We have heard reports of the bearings getting noisy during the first season of use, and the fan unit is not a replaceable part.

It’s important to note that this product is only a blower. It does not vacuum or shred. If you need those features, consider the Worx Trivac model.

However, if you occasionally need powerful gusts of wind for short periods to blow debris off the driveway or lawn or out of gutters, this Worx leaf blower might be the best one for you.

– 20-volt Rechargeable Battery

The 20v Worx blower comes with a 20-volt Max-lithium battery. The low weight of the battery helps keep down the overall weight of this product. However, in our opinion and according to reports from buyers, there are some problems with the design of the battery in this unit.

For one thing, it takes a whopping five hours to recharge fully. That is a long time to wait for a recharge, and some buyers will probably want to have at least one or two backup batteries to avoid the long wait. Extra batteries are not cheap, so this is a downside to this machine.

However, the battery is part of the Worx PowerShare lineup of interchangeable batteries used in other Worx garden tools, drills, and circular saws. So, if you are a fan of the Worx brand and have other Worx tools with a 20-volt battery, the battery recharge time in this blower might not be a problem because you’ll already have extra batteries on hand.

Another problem is the run-time for this battery – we found it only delivers about seven to ten minutes of power on the high airspeed setting. We discovered it could maintain a charge for about 12 to 15 minutes on the lower setting. These run times are a lot less than many other battery-operated leaf blowers on the market.

Most leaf blowing jobs involve switching from the high-speed setting to the low one while you’re working. So, the actual run-time depends on the type of work you’re doing. You can extend the run-time by selecting the right power setting for the job at hand. For example, low speeds are best for working on hard surfaces, and high rates work better on lawns, dirt, and other soft surfaces.

Worx sells tools with several different types of batteries, and it’s crucial to use only a 20-volt battery as specified in the user manual that comes with this machine. The company claims that the battery in this model is two times as powerful as their older 20-volt batteries, which they achieved through more advanced chemistry and not by increasing the size.

When charging the battery, it’s vital to take it off the charger as soon as possible after it reaches full charge. Leaving the battery on the charger once it’s full can shorten the battery life and create a fire hazard.

For some buyers, the battery’s short run-time and the long wait for recharging are a worthwhile trade-off for the high air volume, easy maneuverability, and superb ergonomics of this tool.

– Air Flow and Airspeed

As we mentioned above, this blower has two airspeeds and air volume settings, adjusted with a dial at the front of the handle labeled “Low” and “Go.” The airspeed is 60 mph at the lower range, and it is 90 mph at the high setting. The air volume is adjustable between 225 and 340 cfm. The two settings change together with one switch.

The lower settings are helpful if you don’t want to blow too much dust around while working and when cleaning off lawn furniture or blowing sawdust out of a workshop. The higher settings come in handy if you have a big pile of leaves or pine cones to move. It also works well for removing leaves from the pavement, asphalt, or when gravel surface.

You can increase the force of air coming out of the nozzle by buying a hyper-stream nozzle attachment, sold separately by Worx.

– Worx wg546 Weight, Dimensions, and Noise Level

This blower is light and compact, making it perfect if you need to take it with you in the car to your vacation home or when you visit mom to help her with yard cleanup. The weight with the battery installed is 5.7 lbs. If you are an older person or someone without a lot of upper body strength, you are likely to be pleased with the low weight and excellent ergonomics.

The dimensions of this tool are 35.5 inches long, 11 inches high, and 9.5 inches high, which is a bit bulky compared to some other brands of battery-powered leaf blowers. While there are smaller and more compact blowers available, but this one is relatively compact for its overall power rating. You can snap off the blower tube without the need for any tools and reduce the size when storing or transporting the appliance.

The 75 dB noise level rating is about mid-range for battery-powered blowers. It’s not the quietest model, but it’s also not exceptionally noisy. However, it is loud enough that we recommend wearing hearing protectors.

One nice feature of this Worx leaf blower is the built-in wall mount on the rear of the motor housing. The mount looks like a keyhole, and you can use it to hang the tool from any hook or nail in the wall wherever you like.

– Single-Hand Operation

We give this blower high marks for its single-handed operation. Just about anyone can hold this machine with one hand and work for as long as the battery has a charge without getting a sore arm.

The blower is well-balanced, so you don’t have to spend much energy keeping it level or pointing it where you want it to go.

– Safety Concerns

Some people who are considering a battery-powered garden tool wonder if these devices are safe. The answer is yes, as long as you take certain precautions.

You can safely blow wet leaves with this tool, but don’t use it when it’s raining, and keep the machine stored indoors where it will stay dry.

Always remove the battery when storing the unit, and never leave the battery on the charger after it reaches full charge. Doing so can create a fire hazard, and it also harms the battery life.

When you walk around with the tool and have the battery installed, keep your finger off the start switch to avoid accidental start-up. Always remove the battery from the device when you install or remove the blower tube or any attachments.

Read and follow the User Manual which comes with the product before you start using the machine. If you don’t have a paper copy of the manual, you can read or download one for free at the Worx website.

– Warranty

The Worx wg546 leaf blower comes with a standard 2-year limited consumer warranty. You can extend the warranty to three years by registering the product online within 30-days of purchase. However, the warranty on the battery is only one year, and it is not extendable.

The Worx company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for this tool and the battery. If you order it and decide it’s not what you need or you don’t like it for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund, as long as you have the receipt.

Our Conclusions on the Worx wg546

In this Worx wg546 review, we explained the pros and cons of this garden tool and gave you our honest opinion about how it performs. This machine has plenty of air volume for such a light and compact appliance, but the airspeeds are not high, making it less useful for large cleanup jobs.

This tool also has a short battery run-time, limiting working periods to only about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. In our opinion, this product is best for people who want a light and easy-to-use blower with high air volume who have a small yard and little cleanup chores.

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