Worx WG585 is a machine that is known to be a nitro Leafjet cordless leaf blower having quite a long name, but it is only because this blower is sheer awesomeness!

Worx WG585 Nitro Leafjet Cordless Leaf Blower

This blower will truly blow your mind, as it is packed to the brim with mesmerizing features that have you gushing for sure.

We talk about all of its specifications, features breakdown, and much more in this article, so if that sounds interesting to you, please make sure to keep reading on.

Pros  Cons 
Cordless, no worries about accidentally unplugging or tripping over the cords Does not have other functions like mulching and vacuuming 
Lightweight  Not good for big landscapes
Two variable speed adjustments plus turbo mode

Assessment of The Common Features

As mentioned above, this Worx cordless blower has many amazing features, as Worx is already well known for its incredibly powerful motors and durable devices.

Worx Cordless Blower Has Many Amazing Features

The Worx Power Share certainly ticks those boxes but there is so much more that it offers.

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  • A brushless motor that is more efficient and powerful than others
  • A voltage of 40 volts
  • Battery powered and charger is included 
  • Sonic turbine fan technology 
  • 620 cfm of air volume capacity 
  • A maximum air speed of 125 mph
  • Double air intake for double the air volume
  • Lightweight 6.6 lbs
  • Compact and portable 
  • Variable air control nozzle
  • Two different speed settings 
  • Turbo mode
  • Compatible with all Worx 20 V and 40 V tools
  • High-performance battery with extended battery life 
  • Sleek black and orange design

A Complete Review of the Worx WG585 Leaf Blower

Worx WG585 Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Cordless, no worries about accidentally unplugging or tripping over the cords
Two variable speed adjustments plus turbo mode
Does not have other functions like mulching and vacuuming
Not good for big landscapes

When it comes to the vast category of yard maintenance tools like leaf blowers, the WG585 really holds its own weight. This masterfully crafted blower is really in a class of its own and that too for all the right reasons, and moreover, to check every detail, you must look through the necessities that this leaf blower has to offer. 

With its ingenious design and marvel-worthy key features, it leaves little room for disappointment. Being a Pro Leafjet cordless blower, you will find that it is much easier to maneuver and move around without the struggle of tangling wires and the accidental unplugging that happens so often with corded blowers. 

As many people already know, the motors that accompany these blowers, manufactured by Worx, are very robust and powerful. Indeed, the WG585 in particular is like no other in this regard, also, the blower power it can produce is impactful, to say the least. On another note, this is a lightweight machine that would weigh 6.6 lbs, with the battery of course, and the good part about it is that you won’t get tired after prolonged use. 

With an airspeed that goes up to 125 mph and an air volume capacity of 620 cfm, this Worx Nitro 40V Pro Leafjet leaf blower also has a turbo mode for the maximum air force. Furthermore, the motor is brushless, which means it is much more efficient than the brushed types and can run for 50 percent longer while only being 25 percent more powerful. 

To add to it all, it also produces less sound, which means that you won’t bother the neighbors or the ones at home even, because the noise rating is 61 dB. On another note, you should also note that this is great for the end user as well, since it will not cause a headache or fatigue to you too. 

This Power Share blower is also incredibly easy to use and requires minimal assembly, ensuring that anyone can use the device without any issues. The included user manual is insightful and makes adjusting to your new power tool efficiently. It also gives you any important information you need on how to run, charge, and maintain the blower. 

It is also worth noting that this 620 cfm blower comes with batteries and a charger included, as well as free shipping. On another note, you must also consider how this product is compatible with all other Worx 20 V or 40 V attachments, like the string trimmer

Worx is an extremely famous and reputable company when it comes to lawn care tools, including lawn mowers, and all for good reasons. Their products, in general, are nothing short of amazing with the highest possible quality as they rank amongst the best power tool and outdoor tool producers and are on the top of every best lawn tool list, making it a great choice for your investment. 

How Has the Worx WG585 Evolved? 

Worx WG585 has evolved by having a better force than the previous model, the WG583 had, which was 350 CFM, but now it is 620 CFM. In addition, the noise it emits used to be 70 dB, but now it is much more quite as it has become 61 dB. 

Blower Evolved by Having a Better Force

It is not surprising at all that we find the WG585 to not only meet the newest trends but come with newer features that leave us impressed. Since Worx is very well known within the power tools industry for its impeccable blowers, popular blowers produced by it include the Worx WG585E, the Worx WG543E, and the Worx WG545 I, among others.

You might be wondering what are the differences between Worx 40 V blowers and Worx 20 V blowers, so let us find it out by comparing the Worx 20V vs 40V blower, you would see that it is the Nitro 40 V Pro WG585 and the Worx 20 V cordless leaf blower WG545.6. We can now look at their motors, the WG585 has a brushless one whereas the latter has a DC motor. So in this aspect, this leaf blower is the better of the two, since it is much more powerful, runs for longer, and produces less noise. 


On the other hand, you should look at how the 20 V version cannot produce air speeds and air volumes anywhere near that of the 40 V one. With the 20 V version, you are only capable of generating a maximum air volume of 80 CFMfm and an airspeed of 120 mph, whereas the 40 V version creates up to 620 CFM of air volume and 125 mph of airspeed. Due to WG585’s sonic turbine fan technology, this turbine blower outweighs the others in terms of air production. 

Worx WG585 Features Breakdown 

– Brushless Motor 

The WG585 is powered by a Nitro brushless motor that has the power to outperform all of its competitors, as this motor is much more efficient in every aspect. It is 25 percent more powerful than other available options, and it can run for 50 percent longer periods of time than the rest. 

As an added bonus, it produces much lower noise levels compared to many others as well. Also, it provides you with the forceful blasts you need to blow away even the stubbornest stuck on debris and leaves

This is undoubtedly the best you can get out of a blower, and to enhance this matter further, you would see that it is because this motor will increase the lifespan of the machine that you have been investing in. And it will also help the noise level to be reduced, which is a great option to reduce the fatigue and disturbance issues. 

– Sonic Turbine Fan Technology 

The ultrasonic turbine fan technology of this blower lets you produce air speeds of up to 125 mph with a maximum of 620 CFM air volume.

Ultrasonic Turbine Fan Technology of Worx Wg585

This means you can generate enough power and air force to handle any degree of cleanup, so there is no task in your yard that this machine cannot get done, and consider this, it is a great option with would help you in the chore.

– Two Variable Speed Controls

While operating this blower, you have the option to choose between two variable speed controls: one is a high volume and speed while the other is a lower one.

This gives you control over the speed and volume of air you need for your intended task, as you would need the lower one for blowing around delicate flower beds and a higher one for gravel pathways. 

– Variable Air Control Nozzle 

This variable air control nozzle of the WG585 gives you an added element of control for tight spots and harder-to-get areas, as it lets you direct the air more specifically.

No more crouching to reach behind your yard chairs and ending up with a sore back. This is because the company thought this matter through and they managed to give their end-users the utmost comfort. 

– Ultra Lightweight and Compact Design 

The machine weighs in at only 6.6 lbs, which means it is incredibly light, and therefore you can easily move it around without any risk of strain on your bones and muscles, reducing user fatigue tenfold.


Additionally, the compact design lets you store it away with ease when done, as it does not take much space at all, and in short, you will see how much of a difference this machine will make both of your health and the long time that you would be using it. 


Alas, we have finally reached the end of this Worx Leafjet review. Before we go, we would like to recommend the Worx Nitro WG585 as our top choice for aspiring buyers who need a brilliant blower that is up to any task. 

We hope this Worx Nitro 40V Leafjet blower review has been helpful to you in some way, and we wish you the best of luck in your future leaf blower-buying endeavors. Once you welcome this lovely everyday-use blower into your home, it will not let you down for sure, and this is of course after the proper enhancement you have had with our Worx WG 585 Review. 

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