Worx WG779 review is one to save you from the grueling task of mindlessly scrolling through the endless options of lawn mowers available. Trust us when we say the WG779 will leave you never needing to look for another lawn mower replacement again.Worx WG779 Review

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest machines to own, if you are looking to keep your lawns well-maintained for years to come without any hassles whatsoever, as it most certainly meets all your basic criteria of the standard mower and even goes far beyond them.

In this review, we look into all of its prospects and possible downfalls as well, so make sure to continue reading below for all the juicy details.

Pros Cons
Cordless mower – no risk of accidental unplugging, plus struggling with bulky wires It can be a bit noisy
Self-propelling system for ease of maneuvering on hills There may need to be more than cutting width for larger lawns.
Six varied height adjustments 
Lightweight machine design

Worx WG779’s Most Sought-After Features

Worx products are often equipped with the best quality machinery available, and the WG779 14-inch cordless electric mower is certainly no exception. This is the mower that is easy to handle and to get the task done, having a variety of heights that you can switch from.

  • Powerful dual 40 V lithium-ion batteries
  • Lightweight and easy-to-maneuver design
  • Foldable and compact for easy storage
  • Dual charging ports for an efficient and quick recharge of both batteries
  • Six height options for maximum customizability
  • 14-inch cutting deck size
  • Extended battery life for longer periods of runtime
  • Mulching feature available
  • Mulch and collection bag included
  • Grass bag capacity of 0.85 bushels
  • A full bag indicator letting you know when the collection bag is at full capacity
  • Three-year warranty guarantee
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting battery

An In-depth Worx WG779 Review

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Worx WG779 Key Criteria
Ease of Staring
Performance on rough terrain
Cordless mower – no risk of accidental unplugging, plus struggling with bulky wires
Self-propelling system for ease of maneuvering on hills
Six varied height adjustments
Lightweight machine design
It can be a bit noisy
There may need to be more than cutting width for larger lawns

This mower stands out from the rest in a multitude of ways, all of which we delve into in great detail below. First, we give this mower a 10/10 for its easy-to-start-up technology, and to elaborate further, having a simple one-touch start-up, you find no issues with starting the machine.

Second, we give it a 9.5/10 for power, as it also delivers on that aspect, and after this, it gets another 10/10 for maintenance. Due to its durable material and rust-resistant blades, maintenance is a walk in the park. Lastly, it gets an 8/10 on rough terrain; although it works great on rougher terrain, it might not be suitable for some grass and slopes of different kinds.


This Worx WG mower has been designed to make lawn maintenance easy and hassle-free. With its powerful 40 V batteries that provide impeccable battery life and its easy-to-maneuver and store design, this lawn mower is perfect for homeowners with small to medium-sized lawns.

Its especially powerful battery is one thing that helps the WG779 stand out from other cordless mowers that can be found in the market. The Worx batteries have always been renowned in the lawn maintenance industry, and it’s not surprising to see why. To have deeper Worx battery mower reviews, you must know how these batteries are reliable, long-lasting, offer superior performance, and require minimal maintenance.Required Maintenance of Worx WG779

With electric mowers like the WG779, you do not have to worry about oil mixtures, refueling, or exposure to harmful exhaust gases. This is not only beneficial for the user’s health but also serves to keep the atmosphere clean and free from excessive greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.

Another neat advantage of the WG779 is its power share feature. This feature signifies tha you can use the WG779 cordless lawn mower batteries with any Worx Power Share tools, which means that it also works vice versa, the attachments of any Worx power share tools are compatible, making all the devices highly versatile.

Alongside your mower, you also receive the WG779 manual user guide. It is incredibly helpful in telling you how to use the Worx mower and illustrating how to carry out its simple tool-free assembly.

– How Has the Worx WG779 Evolved?

The WG779 self-propelled lawn mower has evolved to incorporate new technologies and features that improve its overall performance and usability. These improvements and upgrades elevate the mower itself and the company, giving them the ever-fresh and up-to-trend image they have maintained for years.Worx WG779 Insights

This company is one of the best lawn tools industry, as it is among the top choices for some of the best lawn mowers and blowers available. Some notable models in the Worx series include WG779 2, Worx lawn mower 24VWorx Landroid, and Worx WG779E assembly, to name a few.


Overall, the WG779 offers improvements and upgrades that others in the marketplace may fail to provide. A common comparison is the WG779 vs the Greenworks 40 V 14-inch lawn mower.

You must notice how both of these mowers are quite similar in features such as power source and cutting width. They are both powered by 40 V batteries and have a 14-inch cutting width. Where they start to differ is the collection bag, as the WG779 offers a much bigger mulch collection bag of 0.85 bushels, whereas the Greenworks comes with a measly 0.25 bushels bag.

Another popular comparison that can be made is the Worx WG779 vs. the Sun Joe MJ401C cordless lawn mower. To start, the Sun Joe 24 V battery is different from the Worx’s 40 V, meaning it cannot supply nearly the same amount of power as the Worx.

Secondly, again the WG779 comes with a larger collection bag of 0.85 bushels and the Sun Joe comes with a smaller bag. It also does not have the full bag indicator that the Worx has.

The Main Features and What They Are Capable Of

– Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

This 14-inch mower weighs only 29 lbs; knowing this, it makes the use easy to maneuver and transport around the yard. To help you through this task in a careful and efficient way, you would see how the machine would be easy to work with for the end user who is working with it. In addition to this, the handle is ergonomically designed and adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect height for comfortable mowing that allows maximum comfort and ease of use.

– User-friendly Mechanism

This mower was designed with the average person in mind, as it is incredibly easy to assemble and use and therefore makes a great fit for all individuals looking to buy a user-friendly mower. It has a simple, quick start mechanism that requires only a push of a button as opposed to traditional engines that need cords to be pulled with immense strength and long minutes for it to rev up.User Friendly Mechanism of Worx Lawn Mower

– Intellicut Feature

The intelligent ‘intellicut’ feature of this mower includes a technology that automatically adjusts the mower’s speed and power based on the grass’s thickness, which is why the machine is significant. This comes to your help if you always wonder how to use Worx lawn mower, as it gives you a clean and even cut every time, even on the densest of grasses.

– Low Maintenance Requirements

This mower’s maintenance is straightforward and reasonable. As the cutting deck is made from alloy steel, it ensures that the blades are corrosion and rust-resistant, which means they are durable and will stay sharp and excellent for many years to come, without any need to resharpen or replace them.


– Three-year Warranty

The Worx mower has a full three-year long warranty covering any defects in the materials or mechanism. This gives a state of peace knowing that you can rest easy and you will be receiving only the very best when you purchase this mower. In short, this matter is what shows how much trust Worx puts into their products, they are telling you that they know you will not be disappointed with their products, and we believe them.


Overall, the WG779 is a great investment for anyone looking to buy a wonderful, reliable, and efficient lawn mower. It leaves little room for dissatisfaction with its powerful batteries, superior performance, low maintenance requirements, and three-year long warranty, which lets you rest easy and use the machine with little worry.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a first-time lawn mower owner, this is the mower for you. We hope this Worx 40V mower review has been helpful and beneficial to you and that you now have a better understanding of the device.

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