Yarrow companion plants are the perfect addition to any gardening enthusiast’s home. These plants of the Asteraceae family are exceptional at resourcing nutrients to create a dense, healthy growing medium.

13 Yarrow Companion Plants

In addition, they would add beautiful aesthetics as well as feathery foliage. In this post, we will list some of the top thirteen yarrow companion plants to grow to maximize its benefits and have a stunning garden in your home!

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“Companion planting can minimize habitat for detrimental pests.”Colorado State University Extension

List of Yarrow Companion Plants

Here is the list of the best companions of the yarrow plant and why they would be ideal together:

1. Garlic

Probably one of the easiest crops to grow, and indeed the easiest fall crop to grow is garlic. However, if you want to grow garlic successfully, you must provide its requirements adequately.

Garlic in The Ground Yarrow Companion Plants

Planting garlic bulbs is also evidently a super companion plant for yarrow. Plus, its health benefits are just a plus! 

These bulbs would grow and turn into the regular garlic that one could buy from the grocery store. As they grow, they provide shelter for your yarrow, the key reason why is that the smell that they have would be the best to prevent pest attacks from getting into the rest of the plants. 

In addition, another reason why you must consider them as an accompany is that garlic has a rich amount of sulfur in its bulb and this sulfur is a significant way to keep any type of fungus to grow in it and in the rest of the plants that are next to it.

2. Cabbage

Although cabbage may not be the most appealing vegetable, it is packed with nutrients that can help you stay strong and healthy. 

Cabbage Leafy Plant Yarrow Companion Plants Green Garden Growth

Even though cabbages have their significance in the digestion of a person, however, they are also significantly beneficial and specific to be kept next to yarrow for several reasons. The primary reason why they can be grown together is that cabbage is great when it comes to repelling insects that would harm them both, lay their eggs and cause pest infections. 

On the other hand, they are beneficial because they would attract the right kind of pollinators that would help in their growth and progress the blooming of the plants. In addition to this, cabbages would grow fast and provide shade for the yarrow not to receive direct light and burn or get harmed from the full sun.

But what most gardeners reading this post are seeking is a companion for beloved yarrows. You will be happy to learn that it is quite an ideal partner to pair when growing with cabbages! 

3. Spinach

If you are thinking of adding something new to your garden, try growing spinach. Not only is it the best way to incorporate more greens into your diet, but it goes perfectly when growing yarrow plants. The perfect time to grow spinach leaves will be at the end of January and February.

Spinach Yarrow Companion Plants Green Leaves Healthy Food

This superfood is especially easy to grow and resilient to even the toughest of growing conditions. However, you must note that the spinach leaves love moisture, so you can make sure that you regularly water them. But, over-watering can quickly cause rot or browning and potentially waste all of your efforts.

4. Blueberries

The blueberry plants may not appear to get much bigger yearly because of their slow growth. A mature blueberry bush takes about ten years to grow, but this also implies that they have a very long lifespan.

Blueberries in The Garden Yarrow Companion Plants Growing Net

Blueberries that are luscious and plump are alsotritious. They contain a lot of vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. Fortunately, blueberries can be grown with little to no effort if you have the right soil conditions, hence, they are the perfect company that would grow near the yarrow and causes proper growth as they share the same nutrients from the same soil.

5. Thyme

Much like other herbs in this post, thyme is super rich in medicinal properties. Also, it is super beginner friendly because of how easy it is to grow. 

Thyme Yarrow Companion Plants For The Garden Green Herbs

The reason why thyme is an excellent companion to the yarrow plant is that they would benefit from each other’s soils. In order to elaborate further, both plants require soil that is rich in minerals such as calcium or magnesium, and they would grow in harmony together.

On the other hand, you must be mindful that it truly is the perfect plant to grow next to the yarrow and attract beneficial pollinators. This would overall mean that they would happily bloom together and thrive, and this would cause your garden to spring up and progress.


6. Lavender

A beautiful asset to add to borders and perennial gardens, lavender is a herb with numerous culinary uses. It has sweeping drifts of color to add to your garden. 

Lavender Landscape in a Purple Bloom Garden

Lavender is ideal for making informal hedges around your lawn. It has a compact shrub-like structure. You can harvest lavender to make potpourri, sachets, and aromatic floral arrangements.

Lavender leaves are a beautiful shade of magenta and purple. If you plant this herb around your garden, you will soon have an even more beautiful-looking yard than before. The purple color will complement all your other plants and improve existing aesthetics.

Well-drained soil is necessary for lavender types, especially in the winter. Before you plant lavender, add sand or gravel to the soil to improve drainage, and they would accompany the yarrow in a very pleasant way.

You may also grow the plants in mounds, raised beds, or on slopes. Consider utilizing rock or stone as mulch instead of spreading moisture-retaining organic mulches, particularly in humid climates.

7. Basil

Basil is probably the most popular herb known across America. It can be grown inside your home and outdoors with the rest of your plants. And yes, you guessed it: It makes for an excellent yarrow companion plant, because it helps mutually encourage the growth of both plants.

Basil Yarrow Companion Plants Big Green Leaf Healthy Herb

It is advised to plant your basil and yarrow combo so they can receive reasonable amounts of sunlight. Basil flourishes in natural bright light, which will help you achieve the best growth for your garden. The basil is a fast growing plant when they receive the right care that they require, as they would grow somewhere between 12 to 24 inches tall.

Basil is also one of the healthiest herbs to add to your garden. Overall, not only will it help your yarrow grow, but it will grow near the yarrow like a protective plant next to it, as yarrow would grow almost two to four inches long..

8. Oregano

This herb is a gardener’s favorite thing to grow because it is easy, especially if you have other herbs to grow next to it they would go great together. In addition, the herb is hard to kill because of its resilient properties. However, one thing to remember is that over-watering this plant may cause it to rot.

Oregano Plant Yarrow Companion Plants Outdoor Garden and Home

One of the best reasons to grow oregano is how nutritious it is, in addition, oregano plants are also super prolific, making them the perfect companion for planting yarrow. This is because it attracts beneficial critters that help your garden flourish.

Oregano also has a super strong scent to help to disguise other plants from pests. So you can use it as a companion for other plants with a pest problem because oregano will help disguise that plant!

9. Strawberries

Home-grown strawberries trounce their store-bought counterparts. This matters because fully ripened strawberries have more decadent aromas, a higher sugar content, and more flavor. You will feel the difference between home-grown strawberries and store-bought once you try growing them on your own.

Strawberries plant Yarrow Companion Plants For Your Green Garden

It is ideal to plant strawberries at the beginning of spring and as soon as the soil is dry enough for adequate preparation.

Strawberries make for good companion plants for yarrows because they draw in beneficial insects that help keep your garden healthy. So, if you are looking for companion planting produce, why not go for strawberries?

10. Wildflowers

Everyone is going wild for wildflowers! A wildflower is one that grows naturally in its habitat without any human assistance.

Wildflowers Landscape Yarrow Companion Plants Colorful Variety of Flowers

While some people produce wildflowers in their gardens, the majority of wildflowers are natural plants that thrive in marshes, woodlands, and meadows since that is where they have adapted to grow. Many people don’t understand how beneficial it is to grow wildflowers. Planting these flowers can add so much visual attraction to wildlife.

They can help draw in your garden’s birds, butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Native plants like wildflowers don’t need much water and maintenance over time. Making them an easy addition and companion to yarrow plants! Now, you can grow yarrow freely with a patch of wildflowers.

11. Apple Trees

Using apple trees as your companion plant for yarrow is an excellent option. Planting apple trees will attract pollinators, build healthy soil, repel pests, and are the perfect plant for visual aesthetics! The best part? Free apples for life. Fruit trees are often an excellent addition to pair with yarrow plants in your garden.

Apple Trees as Yarrow Companion Plants In The Home Garden

Look around your community before deciding on an apple tree to plant. To reach your apple tree, the pollen must be within 100 feet of a pollen source, and the yarrow would definitely play a vital role in this.

While apple trees will flourish as companions to yarrow plants, they need special care. All you need is two apple trees, and you are set for life. Apples up on apples will begin to grow effortlessly in your garden. Young and new apple trees do need more care and special attention, but as this tree matures, you will come to know just how easy it is to care for them.

12. Cilantro

Cilantro is another fragrant herb with a unique citrusy flavor. Most gardeners especially enjoy planting this herb because of its refreshing taste and aromatic properties.

Cilantro plant Yarrow Companion Plants Healthy Herb Addition

This herb is great not only for food but for being a company to your yarrow because when the cilantro asks for a good amount of sun the yarrow would need indirect sun, and this is ideal because the cilantro would grow taller and provide this particular shade for the rest. 

In addition, they would thrive in loamy soil that is rich in nutrients, because both require to be watered once a week, and sharing the same soil and the same water requirements makes them perfect together.

13. Rosemary

Rosemary originates from the mint family and is exceptionally easy to grow and care for. This herb is perfect for your kitchen and perhaps one of the easiest crops to grow at home.

Rosemary plant Yarrow Companion Plants for the Garden

Besides being one of the most delicious ingredients to include in your meals, you can also use it for health purposes. It is super rich in iron, potassium, and manganese, and this comes from the soil that you place it in, which means the soil plays a vital role and it should be strong in these minerals.

Rosemary is also distinctly known for its epic aroma that you will smell just by passing its plant. Many people have seen significant stress relief by smelling rosemary leaves as they walk by. The scent is indeed influential and will make your garden even more appealing. Rosemary is one of the best companions to grow with yarrow.


There you have it, folks! So now you know all the beautiful varieties of plants that make perfect companions to yarrows. The list above carefully guides you to choose the perfect plant that would be harmonious with the growth conditions of the plant, as one would be helping the other, hand in hand.

All with different uses, characteristics, and aesthetics. Have you chosen which plant you will grow?

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