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Evergreenseeds.com is your number one source of information about gardening, plants, equipment, and any topic you might find interesting. We are a team of experts from all over the world with one goal in mind: sharing our passion for gardening.

When you land on our site, We are here to give you well-researched and skillfully written articles you need to become a better gardener.

Who We Are

Evergreen seeds gardenerOur writers come from different places and walks of life. We are comprised of expert writers with a knack for reliable research to ensure the information we share is on point and accurate. We dedicate ourselves to weeding through the myths and misconceptions about gardening to create easy-to-read articles, and one-of-a-kind tips and techniques to help you improve your garden.

With so much noise found on the internet these days, we want only what we think is best for you: accurate, concise, and relevant source of gardening information. Making sure that we have the most accurate and factual information is a tedious process but the effort is worth the reward knowing that our readers will learn and grow as gardeners.

What We Do

On the various pages of our site, you will see a huge collection of articles on plant care, equipment, advice on solving everyday gardening problems, and help with designing successful gardens. Our researchers spend hours dissecting rummaging for the perfect information to get you the facts. When you read any of our articles, you can immediately tell we’re giving you only the best knowledge on the subject.

Our hope is that this website will inform and entertain gardeners of all skill levels. We want the person considering their first garden to find as much help as the seasoned gardener looking for inspiration to grow new, interesting, and rare plants. To make sure we have the information you need, our writers create articles for all gardening skill levels.

We gather information through primary sources places such as State Agriculture Departments, The United States Department of Agriculture, and international seed producers to get the truth about the best way to grow plants in your garden. We want you to have tremendous success in your garden, and our writers so they spend an enormous amount of time researching to make sure you get the facts about plants you want to grow.

Why We Exist

When we started EvergreenSeeds.com, we wanted a site that was accessible and featured friendly, helpful articles. We wanted to find out essential facts about vegetables and plants, but every website we went to was incomplete or offered information we knew wasn’t true.

Some articles were good to read but didn’t provide anything of substance. Instead of getting frustrated, we started EvergreenSeeds.com and began creating the kind of useful and educational content we wanted from the very beginning.

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We hope readers like you will find our site as a one-stop source of gardening information, learn about any plant you want to grow, and get motivated to start gardening. For us, gardening is one of the most peaceful and stress-relieving activities we know of, and there is nothing more satisfying than spending a day tending to plants. We hope that someone who has thought of starting a garden but has never tried is inspired by our efforts and experiences the joy of working in a garden.

We also know what it’s like when something goes wrong and how hopeless it can feel trying to find the solution. We want our site to be your trusted ally in solving pest infestations and disease infections efficiently before serious damage happens to your plants. We want to show you tried-and-true solutions to preventing problems before they happen and offer advice on treating problems safely and effectively.

About the Topics on Our Website

We cover a tremendous number of subjects in the gardening world, so we have arranged our website according to topics. Teams of expert researchers and writers create the detailed and informative articles you’ll find on each topic.


In our Advice section, we cover topics like reasons why flowers aren’t blooming and how to control weeds. We strive to write articles for this section that answer questions you have and give you the knowledge to grow healthy plants. You can use the Contact Us button to let us know what types of content you’d like to see in the Advice section.


In the Design section, we will be covering a variety of projects and provide help to gardeners designing all different aspects of gardens. This is a future project of ours, so check back often and see the newest section.


The Flowers topic is where we discuss flowering plants. We have articles about types of flowering plants, and helpful articles about encouraging flowering plants to grow.


Our upcoming Food topic will cover different aspects of gardening for food from selecting good varieties to common solutions to problems. Check back soon.


The Plants topic is all about shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants. Our articles will help you with all manner of plants including landscaping plants, decorative bushes, and tropical palms. We will help you pick smart locations to plant long-living plants.


Here, you’ll find expert articles on all manner of tools. We give you honest reviews of lawn mowers, weed whackers, and leaf blowers to help you when you’re buying tools. We also cover how-to articles to help you keep your gardening tools in peak performing condition.


In the Vegetables section, you will read about vegetable plants. We have gardening guides and informative articles you’ll find useful in your vegetable garden. We cover tips and tricks for getting excellent production and we hope you’ll see some rare and unusual plants to inspire trying something new at home.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you visit our site often. We always have new content going live online in hope of inspiring our gardening community and sharing knowledge with one another. When we share the best information about gardening, we become better at our passion.

At EvergreenSeeds.com, we believe there is no better place to be than in the garden. We are thankful to share our passion for gardening with you.