Catus plants in the backyard

Cactus Turned Black: Is It a Normal Phase or Cause for Concern?

Discovering that your cactus turned black can make you worry as it is an uncommon and weird sight. Reasons such as overwatering, high humidity and various diseases can be the cause...
Olive leaves

Olive Tree Losing Leaves: When Should You Become Worried?

Your olive tree losing leaves can be a major or minor issue depending on the reason. Some reasons why your tree may be losing leaves include insufficient light, olive knot, and...
Precisions Apple Garden During a Day ~ Evergreen Seeds

Brown Tips on Apple Leaf: How To Treat Your Fruit Trees

Brown tips on apple leaf will soon become an annoying sight. Especially if that's a specimen tree we're talking about sitting in your orchard. Those unpleasant leaves can happen due to...
Beautiful Image Of Green Banana Leaves ~ Evergreen Seeds

Brown Tips on Banana Leaves: Identifying and Addressing Issues

Brown tips on banana leaves may indicate various issues, including underwatering, overwatering, sunburn, abrupt temperature changes, or nutrient deficiencies. Natural processes such as leaf shedding may also contribute. ...
Close Look On Green Alberta Spruce Tree ~ Evergreen Seeds

Brown Tips on Alberta Spruce: Causes and Recovery Plant

Brown tips on Alberta spruce trees could likely indicate issues with the trunk or roots. Damaged trunks may stem from inappropriate pruning techniques, animal-related harm, or encounters with weed whackers. ...
Understanding why your monstera leaf is turning black

Monstera Leaves Turning Black: 9 Possible Reasons and Fixes

Monstera leaves turning black is the most common ailment of these plants. If you’re a proud owner of a Monstera plant, this will be your most common concern, as several different factors...
preventive measures for Mosaic Virus Monstera

Mosaic Virus Monstera: Causes and Ways To Fix the Problem

Mosaic Virus monstera is a viral infection of the plant that can be caused by vectors such as mites, fungus, soil or pollen as a medium. It is a parasite that...
Help Overwatered Roses

Overwatered Roses: Useful Tips for Reviving Your Struggling Flowers

Overwatered roses may fail to absorb oxygen, nutrients, and water, and this may result in health problems. The roses’ yellow leaves, some of which may be wilting and drooping can be...
Dracaena is a great ornamental plant

Overwatered Dracaena: An Issue That Can Have Easy Fixes

An overwatered dracaena is a severe concern for planters and gardeners. It happens mainly due to poor drainage systems and too much water around the Dracaena genus plant. The tree may...
overwatered staghorn fern is turning yellow

Overwatered Staghorn Fern: Signs And Solution

Overwatered Staghorn fern would be the one that looks dull and even faded; however, usually, they are highly rated for their striking appearance with green foliage and shape like a deer...