Different Types of Lettuce

13 Lettuce Companion Plants: What Are Their Benefits?

Lettuce companion plants can be utilized to achieve your specific goals for your plants and crops. In this article, you will find a list of a wide variety of plant types –...
Bunch of Fittonia Plant in Garden

11 Snake Plant Companion Plants Choices That Are Must-Know 

Snake plants companion plants are usually attractive plants that are mainly used for decoration purposes – such as variegated ivy, bird of paradise or the humble ficus. They are grown together...
Lemon Verbena Thyme Background

6 Tarragon Companion Plants: The Available Choices

The tarragon companion plants are those that can be grown together with the tarragon plant, which belongs to the Asteraceae family. Some of the plants include oregano, garlic and rosemary. Knowing which...
A Lot of Green Thyme Plants

8 Stevia Companion Plants: An Information Repository

The stevia companion plants can be grown to offer or receive benefits from the mutual relationship – they include marjoram, lemon verbena and oregano. Many insects do not like stevia plants,...
Blue Rug Juniper Companion Plants List

8 Blue Rug Juniper Companion Plants To Enhance Aesthetics

With blue rug juniper, companion plants are an absolute must to complement this fantastic evergreen shrub of the Juniperus genus! This bluish juniper of the Cupressaceae family is a popular low-maintenance evergreen...
Rutabaga Companion Plants for Garden

10 Rutabaga Companion Plants You Can Try Growing This Season

Rutabaga companion plants can grow with your rutabagas without facing any problems, as they are compatible and can help each other. Some of these plants add extra value to your garden, as...
List of Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants

10 Sugar Snap Peas Companion Plants: 10 Awesome Plants for 

Sugar snap peas companion plants are quite a few, as pea plants are compatible with many species. However, you should select the plants that will help your peas grow faster as...
Types of Good Companion Plants for Tomatoes 1

5 Good Companion Plants for Tomatoes: Best Options

Good companion plants for tomatoes are an essential addition to every vegetable garden. Since companion planting is to help support the growth and productivity of your tomatoes. Not every plant is grown...
A Chinese Fringe Flower

12 Loropetalum Companion Plants: Uniquely Beautiful Choices!

Loropetalum companion plants are easy to find since they grow well with others. Some plants it goes well with are abelias and Asiatic jasmine. This plant is also known as the Chinese...
List of Rhododendron Companion Plants

12 Rhododendron Companion Plants to Beautify Your Garden

Rhododendron companion plants such as mountain laurels, witch hazel, ferns and primroses can complement the colors of your plants and boost the appearance of your garden. Most of these plants are also...