Rare White and Purple Laelia Sec Cattleyodes

Laelia Sec Cattleyodes: The Guide to Growing a Secunda Plant

Laelia Sec Cattleyodes has been a member of the ornamental plant family even before the name change to Laelia Secunda. Its beauty in interiors has made this plant popular among enthusiasts...
Outstanding Sedirea Japonica Orchids

Sedirea: The Unique Orchid that Has Special Blooms

Sedirea is the orchid that is also popularly known as Sedirea japonica or phalaenopsis japonica. These stunning plants produce beautiful fragrant blooms that make them suitable for indoor and outdoor warm-climate...
Pretty Schomburgkia Purple orchid

Schomburgkia: The Growing Guide of Orchids and Issues Faced

Schomburgkia is an orchid that grows large and survives in hot, commonly it is found in tropical regions like Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname, and Ecuador. The new genera, Myrmecophila and Laelia,...
A Black and White Close Up from Anoectochilus Orchid 1

Anoectochilus: The Precise Way to Care for These Orchids

Anoectochilus is popularly known as marbled Jewel orchids. These lovely plants grow large, beautifully marked leaves that are the star of the show. They also produce small, white blooms, but their...
Glorious Wild Brassia Orchid

Brassia: Guide to Growing an Ornamental Spider Orchid

Brassia is the orchid that brings beauty to your home with its inviting appearance while giving little to no scent to the atmosphere. It is common among collectors and gives some...
Beautiful Leptotes Orchid

Leptotes: The Perfect Guide To Healthy Orchid Growth

Leptotes are the orchids that help to beautify your house while serving as great ornamental pieces for interiors, with pleasant fragrances to boot. It gets better as it's relatively easy to...
Outstanding Yellow and Orange Psychopsis Orchid

Psychopsis: The Best Ways to Grow This Orchid and Propagate

Psychopsis are popularly called butterfly orchids because of the appearance of their flowers. They’re usually brightly colored and shaped like butterflies. One fun fact about these flowers is that their appearance...
Tall Pholidota Orchid With Grey Background

Pholidota: The Best Conditions for Growing The Orchids

Pholidota is a large genus of flowering plants that contains about 41 different species, most of which are readily available for purchase. Most species are small growing plants with tiny flowers,...
Elegant White Brassavola Orchids

Brassavola: The Best Way to Grow and Maintain These Orchids

Brassavola is commonly called the lady of the night, is a stunning plant with beautiful white flowers. It is a favorite among beginner and professional gardeners because of its easy growth...
Encyclia Bicalohi The Majestic Orchid

Encyclia: The Perfect Care Conditions for The Pretty Orchid

Encyclia are stunning epiphytic orchids that are a highly variable genus of orchids with several species with different distinctive characteristics, such as different sizes; some are fragrant, while others are not. However,...