Salt Water Can Kill Grass

Does Salt Water Kill Grass? How To Save Grass From Saltwater Spillover

Does salt water kill grass, and if so, what can one do to protect their lawn grass from it? The short answer is “yes” and “we’ll show you!” We get hundreds...
a bunch of weeds in ST augustine grass

Weeds in St Augustine Grass: Clever Ways To Get Rid of This Problem

Weeds in St Augustine grass stick out like sore thumbs and ruin the whole appearance of your carpeted lawn. Many people find getting rid of these weeds to be an impossible...
Caring for Your Lawn With Scarifier vs Dethatcher

Scarifier vs Dethatcher: Caring for Your Lawn With the Right Tool

Choosing between a scarifier vs dethatcher for your lawn can be confusing as they each have their advantages. Lawn care is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. While there are...
Dead grass on brown lawn

How to Turn Brown Grass Green Fast with Our Strategic Approaches

Gardeners often wonder how to turn brown grass green fast and bring grass back to life. There’s nothing better than the sight of lush verdant lawns, actually, there is one thing...
St augustine grass fresh cut

How To Revive St. Augustine Grass: You Can Do It All by Yourself 

Revive St Augustine grass successfully by yourself using methods such as watering consistently and improving the quality of your soil. Read on as our lawn experts divulge their secret tips on...
Best time to water grass

Best Time To Water Grass: Good News for the Early Risers

Best time to water grass is during the early morning as it is cooler and the temperatures are more calm. Many turf owners and yard keepers who have only recently started...
Kentucky Bluegrass Landscape

Kentucky Bluegrass vs Tall Fescue: Select The Best One For Your Lawn

Kentucky bluegrass vs tall fescue is a tough choice when sowing cold-season grass in your front or backyard. Both are lush green varieties that are very good at tolerating foot traffic...
How to cut tall grass

How To Cut Tall Grass: An A to Z Guide on Cutting Tall Grass

Cut tall grass is important to be done the right way, whether it's by using hand instruments or a lawnmower. An overgrown lawn that is filled with very tall grass after a...
Automatics Watering the Fescue Grass

Tall Fescue vs Fine Fescue: Which Is The Better Turf Grass?

Tall fescue vs fine fescue is a challenging comparison as they are similar grasses. You will be surprised to find major differences in the appearance and lawn care for both these...
Grass Starting to Grow

How To Speed Up Grass Seed Germination: 10 Proven Ways

How to speed up grass seed germination is a question every lawn owner needs to know the answer to. Trust us; there are many ways you can get your grass seeds...