Potted fern in the greenhouse

Transplanting Ferns: The Ultimate Guide To Do It Right

Ferns are easy-growing plants that thrive in damp and shaded conditions and make for gorgeous borders along the gardens. Transplanting ferns from one place to another is an easy task and...
Moss Growing Slowly

How to Grow Moss on Concrete: An Easy and Comprehensive Guide

How to grow moss on concrete is a question asked by many artistic enthusiasts who wish to make their walls more attractive. With over 12,000 different species, mosses are small, non-vascular...
Best Soil Mix For Monstera

Best soil mix for Monstera: How To Achieve the Ideal Soil

The best soil mix for monstera stimulates the healthy growth of the plant. Monstera Deliciosa is a popular indoor plant of the Araceae family native to the rainforests of Central America. Exotic...
A Hill Covered with Moss

How to Preserve Moss: Guide to Saving Moss for a Long Time

Maybe you are you wondering how to preserve moss for an extended period of time? We bring secret tips and tricks for you to preserve this beautiful and delicate plant with...
Dried shiitake mushroom

Can You Grow Mushrooms From Dried Mushrooms? What Are Your Chances?

You can grow mushrooms from dried mushrooms so long as the spores in the dried mushrooms are not too dehydrated or dead. Growing mushrooms from dried mushrooms will be super easy...
Why When and How You Should Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds for Citrus Trees: Why, When, and How 

Are coffee grounds for citrus trees a good idea? There may have been times when you would have felt guilty about throwing the used coffee grounds in the trash. Even though using...
Bonsai Trees

How Long Does It Take for Bonsai Trees To Grow? Growing It Faster

If you’ve ever asked yourself “How long does it take for bonsai trees to grow?” then you’re not alone. Bonsai growth, of course, varies from species to species. Is there something you...
Young plants and sunlight

Direct Vs Indirect Sunlight: The Updated Information Reservoir

Providing direct vs Indirect sunlight might seem to be a difficult task but not at all. After reading this article, you will be able to easily differentiate the two and provide...
Wandering Jew Plant

How to Make Wandering Jew Bushy: Ultimate Guide

If you are wondering how to make Wandering jew bushy and your plant is looking leggy, you can do a few things to help it become bushier. Our following guide will...
Pumice vs Perlite

Pumice vs Perlite: Which of the Two Is Better for Growing Plants?

Pumice vs Perlite is a critical discussion when deciding how to best improve aeration and drainage for your plants. Although both are almost equally great at improving your soil, factors like cost,...