Close Up On Beautiful Chinese Evergreen ~ Evergreen Seeds

Mealybugs on Chinese Evergreen? Efficient Removal Methods

Mealybugs on Chinese evergreen plants happen due to many reasons, and in most cases, the fault is very much our own. But if you do spot those snowy white fluffs on...
Beautiful Image Of Green Banana Leaves ~ Evergreen Seeds

Brown Tips on Banana Leaves: Identifying and Addressing Issues

Brown tips on banana leaves may indicate various issues, including underwatering, overwatering, sunburn, abrupt temperature changes, or nutrient deficiencies. Natural processes such as leaf shedding may also contribute. ...
Cactuses In Dessert ~ Evergreen Seeds

Mealybugs on Bristle Brush Cacti — Complete Extermination Guide

Mealybugs on bristle brushes are one of the common pest types you'll probably experience every now and again. The trouble with these guys is that they can proliferate quite easily and...
Close Look On Green Alberta Spruce Tree ~ Evergreen Seeds

Brown Tips on Alberta Spruce: Causes and Recovery Plant

Brown tips on Alberta spruce trees could likely indicate issues with the trunk or roots. Damaged trunks may stem from inappropriate pruning techniques, animal-related harm, or encounters with weed whackers. ...
Insect Eggs in a Leave

Yellow Eggs In Soil? Here’s What They Mean and What To Do

Yellow eggs in soil can be a menace – as they are usually insect eggs. You must maintain healthy soil for your plants for them to flourish properly, so it is...
Millipedes Solutions for Houseplants

Millipedes in Houseplants – Proven Ways to Banish Them

Millipedes in houseplants, when spotted, should immediately be removed. Using traps, spraying chemicals, changing the infested soil, applying organic repellents, etc., are all proven ways of doing so. If you want to...
Understanding why your monstera leaf is turning black

Monstera Leaves Turning Black: 9 Possible Reasons and Fixes

Monstera leaves turning black is the most common ailment of these plants. If you’re a proud owner of a Monstera plant, this will be your most common concern, as several different factors...
preventive measures for Mosaic Virus Monstera

Mosaic Virus Monstera: Causes and Ways To Fix the Problem

Mosaic Virus monstera is a viral infection of the plant that can be caused by vectors such as mites, fungus, soil or pollen as a medium. It is a parasite that...
Help Overwatered Roses

Overwatered Roses: Useful Tips for Reviving Your Struggling Flowers

Overwatered roses may fail to absorb oxygen, nutrients, and water, and this may result in health problems. The roses’ yellow leaves, some of which may be wilting and drooping can be...
overwatered staghorn fern is turning yellow

Overwatered Staghorn Fern: Signs And Solution

Overwatered Staghorn fern would be the one that looks dull and even faded; however, usually, they are highly rated for their striking appearance with green foliage and shape like a deer...