Why Are There Brown Spots on Grapes

Why Are There Brown Spots on Grapes: Causes and Quick Fixes

Brown spots on grapes are issues that mainly happen because of pest infestations, certain fungal infections, bacterial diseases, and poor growing conditions. Fortunately, there are tried-and-tested solutions to all of these, which...
Eggplant Leaves Curling

Eggplant Leaves Curling: Identify the Cause and the Easy Fix 

Eggplant leaves curling is an issue that shows your plant has been infested with pests or diseases, has been improperly watered, or it’s not received the right amount of light. It...
Wilted red rose

Wilted Rose: Find Out Why Rose Plants Wilt and How To Revive Them

Wilted rose may be quite a heart-breaking sight to see. Nobody wants to see their gorgeous rose plant suffering and losing its beauty. There is nothing to worry about, though, because...
Green plant leaves in garden

Plant Leaves Turning White? A True Cause for Concern

When you see plant leaves turning white, you may wonder why and even get worried. You should understand that some leaves turn white because of sun scald, lack of sunlight, powdery...
soil background

White Bugs in Soil: What They Are and How To Get Rid of Them

White bugs in soil are awful news most of the time. They attack your plant by sucking its sap, inhibiting its food supply, and eventually destroying it. Only a handful of...
Peace lily leaves

Peace Lily Leaves Turning Black: Common Reasons and How To Fix Them

Peace lily leaves turning black can be a major shock for any loving plant parent. It not only looks bad but also means that your plant is sick and unhappy. However, you...
colorful or petunias in thailand

Overwatered Petunias: Signs and Solutions for Dying Petunias

Overwatered petunias can start dying if you do not quickly fix them. Some easy ways to tell that you are overwatering your petunias are when they have chlorosis, their leaves are...
Yellow mold on a stone wall

Yellow Mold in Soil: How To Save Your Plant From This Problem

Yellow mold in soil looks exceptionally terrible. However, you need not panic as it is not as harmful or destructive as other fungal infections. In this complete guide, you will learn why...
White Insect Eggs on Leaves

White Insect Eggs on Leaves: Easily Identify and Tackle the Problem

White insect eggs on your leaves occur if your plant has been infested with dangerous pests such as aphids, mealybugs or other insects. These pests attack plants and suck out the...
Mint leaves in a pot

White Spots on Mint Leaves: Should You Be Worried About Them?

White spots on mint leaves may appear worrisome if you are a beginner plant parent, as this can be a sign of an underlying problem. However, in most cases, the cause...