Care Guide For Black Tower Elderberry

Black Tower Elderberry: Care Guide For Foliage, Flowers, and Fruits

Black tower elderberry of the Adoxaceae family is the perfect plant for your outdoor living space. It grows super fast and produces sweet-smelling flowers and healthy edible berries. Its deep purple...
Ruscus Aculeatus fruits

Ruscus Plant: Care Guide for the Robust Foliage Easily in Your Home

The Ruscus plant of the Asparagaceae family is a hardy and robust houseplant that grows in a range of environments. What makes this plant a favorite is that it can grow...
Juniperus Horizontalis Wiltonii Leaves

Blue Rug Juniper (Juniperus Horizontalis Wiltonii) Care Guide

The Blue Rug Juniper of the Cupressaceae family is an evergreen and low-lying shrub that grows in a range of environmental conditions. Also known as the Juniperus Horizontalis, this plant grows...
Yellow flowers Begonia

Begonia Pearcei: Learn Some Top Care Tips From Begonia Experts

Begonia Pearcei is a plant of the Begoniaceae family that will never fail to catch the attention of anyone who enters the room where it is kept. It has large, showy...
Begonia Nelumbiifolia Leaves

Begonia Nelumbiifolia: How to Care For The Webbed Leaf Plant

Begonia Nelumbiifolia of the Begoniaceae family is one of the most unique species of this genus. It produces gorgeous leaves and flowers but falls in the herb category. Even if you...
take care of Begonia Peltatifolia

Begonia Peltatifolia: Care Tips For The Plant With Orange Stems

Begonia peltatifolia of the Begoniaceae family is one of the most colorful types in all of begonia history. It has bright orange stems, fresh green leaves, and colorful flowers. You can...
close view of Poinsettia Winter Rose

Winter Rose Poinsettia: Some Care Tips You Wish You Knew Earlier

Winter rose poinsettia of the Euphorbiaceae family, known scientifically as Euphorbia pulcherrima, is a classic plant for winter holidays. This Euphorbia genus plant produces large blooms in gorgeous bright colors such as...
Adorable Dwarf Hydrangea Cultivars

9 Dwarf Hydrangeas for a Beautiful Ornamental Garden

Dwarf hydrangeas are smaller-sized cultivars of ornamental hydrangea flowering plants. The smooth hydrangea flowers of the Hydrangeaceae family are a beautiful addition to flowering gardens, and they can be kept in...
Begonia Conchifolia Plant

Begonia Conchifolia: The Ultimate Care Guide for The Pink Dotted Plant

Begonia conchifolia is a great houseplant of the Begoniaceae family with its round, glossy leaves and a bright red spot in the center. In addition, it produces the most subtle, gorgeous,...
A vine of Begonia Goegoensis

Begonia Goegoensis: Tips to Care for This Easy-to-Grow Houseplant

Begonia Goegoensis is a rare plant of the Begoniaceae family known for its distinctive green and bronze patterns on the foliage. It has rounded leaves and a striking red color with...