Best Transplant Strawberry Plants

Transplanting Strawberry Plants: A Step-By-Step Guide

Transplanting strawberry plants is not as hard as many beginner growers think. You should just know the right time to do it, identify healthy plants, dig up the chosen runners, prune...
Minimizing Transplant Shock in Plants

Transplant Shock Plants: Effective Preventative Steps

Transplant shock plants describes different forms of stress that can affect a plant when it has been moved from its original location to another. To prevent transplant shock you can use...
Growing Wisteria Plants

Transplanting Wisteria: The 11-Step Procedure for Success!

Transplanting wisteria is a decision that you have to make when you really have no other option because it is not a simple task, especially when the plant is well-established. You...
Tomato Plants Care 3

How to Transplant Tomato Plants: 9 Solid Steps To Follow

How to transplant tomato plants can be done in nine easy-to-follow steps: You need to get your timing right, harden your seedlings, select the most suitable location and then prune your...
Repot Begonia Successfully

Begonia Repotting: How To Manage the Process Like a Pro

Begonia repotting is a challenge for novice gardeners' uncertainty, especially if they don’t want to damage or kill their Begoniaceae family begonia plants. You can tell if your begonia needs to...
How to Repot Your Anthurium Plants

Repotting Anthuriums in 7 Easy Steps: Make Zero Mistakes

When repotting anthuriums, you have to know when to repot, be careful with the roots as well as choose the right type of potting mix. Don't worry, repotting these Araceae family...
12 Easy Tips to Transplant Tomato In A Proper Way

Transplanting Tomatoes the Right Way: 12 Easy Tips 

Transplanting tomatoes is important because your plants will soon outgrow their nursery pots and need larger pots or plain garden soil. If you do not transplant your precious tomatoes correctly, they may...
Ideal Time for Repotting a Monstera

Repotting Monstera: How To Manage The Task Effectively

Repotting Monstera deliciosa is a crucial task that every plant owner should be familiar with to ensure their beloved plant’s healthy growth and development. However, repotting can be a daunting task, especially...
Azaleas close up

Transplanting Azaleas: Transplanting a Beautiful Flowered Shrub

The successful period for transplanting azaleas, a bright flowered perennial shrub is during its dormant stage. Azaleas are lovely, beautiful flowering plants of the Rhododendron genus that can be easy and...
A Comprehensive Care Guide of Gladiolus

How To Transplant Gladiolus: A Comprehensive Care Guide

Knowing how to transplant gladiolus is important for these beautiful flowers of the Iridaceae family. Transplanting gladiolus bulbs to a new location promotes their growth and development. This guide consists of simple...