Fertilizers Can Be Safely Applied to Wet Grass

Can I Apply Fertilizer to Wet Grass? Let the Lawn Experts Answer 

While certain fertilizers can be safely applied to wet grass, some do not work unless the grass is dry. Whether one can apply fertilizer to wet grass is a question every...
Salt Water Can Kill Grass

Does Salt Water Kill Grass? How To Save Grass From Saltwater Spillover

Does salt water kill grass, and if so, what can one do to protect their lawn grass from it? The short answer is “yes” and “we’ll show you!” We get hundreds...
List of Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas

7 Hot Tub Landscaping on a Budget Ideas for Your Space

Hot tub landscaping on a budget may seem challenging for some, but it is actually quite realistic. By understanding the importance of selecting the right projects, you can turn your hot...
Backyard Pool Landscape Design Ideas

5 Arizona Backyard Ideas With Pools for a “Waterful” Haven

In the hot climate of Arizona, backyard ideas with pools will greatly elevate the value of your property and provide an actual incentive for you to visit the outdoors during your...
Landscape Design with DG

What Is DG in Landscaping? Everything You Need To Know

“What is DG in landscaping?” is an important question to ask if you’re thinking about designing your garden. DG, or decomposed granite, is a crushed form of granite and works as...
List of Errors to Avoid in Landscaping Projects

8 Dont Commit Errors Landscaping Project: Avoid the Issues

Dont commit errors landscaping project is a tall order that can immobilize homeowners. Even some of the most seasoned gardeners have slipped up from time to time. To lessen the chances, here...
List of Ideas on Landscape With Potted Plants

11 Landscape With Potted Plants Ideas for Enhancing Beauty

Landscape with potted plants is a great way to bring beauty and life to any outside space. With thoughtful planning and careful attention to detail, it is possible to create stunning and...
Various Landscaping Ideas with Crepe Myrtles

7 Landscaping With Crepe Myrtles Ideas for an Aesthetic Look

Landscaping with crepe myrtles can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience, especially when these plants are chosen for their vibrant colors, interesting shapes, and versatile growth. There are so many ways you...
a bunch of weeds in ST augustine grass

Weeds in St Augustine Grass: Clever Ways To Get Rid of This Problem

Weeds in St Augustine grass stick out like sore thumbs and ruin the whole appearance of your carpeted lawn. Many people find getting rid of these weeds to be an impossible...
Caring for Your Lawn With Scarifier vs Dethatcher

Scarifier vs Dethatcher: Caring for Your Lawn With the Right Tool

Choosing between a scarifier vs dethatcher for your lawn can be confusing as they each have their advantages. Lawn care is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn. While there are...