Complete Care Guide Hoya Cumingiana 1

Hoya Cumingiana: The Complete Care Guide

The Hoya cumingiana of the Apocynaceae family is a great addition to any indoor garden because of its unique appearance. They are also extremely easy to care for, so they make...
Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Perfume Plant

Chinese Perfume Plant: Everything You Need To Know

The Chinese Perfume Plant, also known as Aglaia Odorata of the Meliaceae family, is a scented Chinese flowering tree. Due to the shape and scent of its flowers, it is also...
List of Snake Repellent Plants

17 Snake Repellent Plants To Keep These Critters Away

Snake repellent plants should never be ignored if these dangerous reptiles are frequent visitors to your garden. Your curious kids and innocent pets are in danger if snakes infest your outdoor...
A Lemongrass Bush

10 Lemongrass Companion Plants: How to Choose Them

Lemongrass companion plants are various and varied with basil, bee balm, cilantro and echinacea etc. being candidates. Cymbopogon citratus, with a more familiar name called lemongrass, is known for its unique...
Begonia Conchifolia Plant

Begonia Conchifolia: The Ultimate Care Guide for The Pink Dotted Plant

Begonia conchifolia is a great houseplant of the Begoniaceae family with its round, glossy leaves and a bright red spot in the center. In addition, it produces the most subtle, gorgeous,...
Desert Pink Flowers

6 Cactus Plants With Pink Flowers: Stunning & Little Effort

Cactus plants with pink flowers of the Cactaceae family are the easiest to grow and are extremely pretty – they include such lovely plants as the rosy pincushion cactus and the...
A Peppermint Plant for Rats

5 Plants That Repel Rats: Vibrant, Fragrant, and Effective 

Plants that repel rats are numerous – the list includes marigolds, peppermints and rosemary – and we are sure that you will find what you are looking for in this article. How...
Blue Dragon Fruit

Blue Dragon Fruit: Is This Variety a Reality or a Myth?

Blue dragon fruit exists, though you may not easily find them around you as they are rare. Rich in antioxidants, the dragon fruit of the Stenocereus genus is a native of...
Taxus cuspidata var.nana

Dwarf Carpet of Stars: Complete Care Guide for The Carpet Plant

The dwarf carpet of stars of the Aizoaceae family is a succulent that has thick and fleshy leaves. This plant is evergreen, which means that it maintains its gorgeous green color...
Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe Two Prayer Plants

Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe: Comparing These Two Prayer Plants

Calathea Triostar vs Stromanthe is a question that compounds even seasoned Calathea genus experts. Even though they are separate plants, the similarity between them are seriously uncanny. We have compiled the most...