Mexican fence post cactus

Mexican Fence Post Cactus: How to Care for This Giant Cactus

Mexican fence post cactus of the Cactaceae family is a desert succulent that grows up to be as tall as a single-story building. Not only can you keep it indoors initially,...
Best Indoor Plants for Low Light Conditions

Philodendron Silver Stripe: The Only Care Guide That You Need

Philodendron silver stripe of the Araceae family is a creeper or trailing plant that is commonly called the Heartleaf philodendron or the Sweetheart vine. The name comes from its heart-shaped, lush...
bee flies next to the sunflower field

Bushes That Attract Flies: The Attention You Don’t Want

Bushes that attract flies are often found in well-established gardens beside plants that attract more friendly creatures. A garden teeming with life is just so refreshing to look at — until...
Orchid Growing Nursery ~ Evergreen Seeds

How To Grow Orchids in Water Only: The Correct Steps 

How to grow orchids in water only, is a notion that you may be wondering about. What you should do is to choose a water-loving orchid, fill pure water in a...
Reviving Frozen Orchid Plants Easily

Orchid Cold Damage: How To Revive the Frozen Plants Easily?

Orchid cold damage can hit you hard. One day you're admiring your vibrant blooms; the next, they're wilting in the cold. But don't throw in the trowel just yet, as you can...
Tropical 'Philodendron White Princess' Houseplant with White Var

Philodendron White Princess: Care Guide For The Tropical White Beauty 

Philodendron White Princess of the Araceae family is a low-maintenance plant that makes it perfect for new gardeners. Its variegated leaves are the highlight and attract the attention of most people....
Philodendron Swiss Cheese vs Monstera Adansonii

Philodendron Swiss Cheese vs Monstera Adansonii: A Brief Comparison

Philodendron swiss cheese vs Monstera adansonii is often a point of contention between fans of both species of the Araceae family. We are here to give you an in-depth comparison of...
Aglaonema vs Dieffenbachia What Makes Them Different

Aglaonema vs Dieffenbachia: What Makes Them Different?

Aglaonema vs dieffenbachia perplexes many gardeners as both of these plants of the Araceae family have very similar attributes. If you are one of them, then this article will remove the...
Water Lily and Lotus Similarities

Water Lily vs Lotus: Two Beauties With Notable Differences

Water lily vs lotus is a popular topic among gardeners as both of these plants have beautiful leaves and flowers that are noticeable on the water’s surface. While there are many comparable...
Aloe plant with big flower

Aloe Plant Dying? Expert Tips To Save Your Plant and Make It Thrive

You will find your aloe plant dying if you do not provide the right elements it requires. But don’t worry, it isn’t difficult to ensure your aloe vera remains healthy and...