Philodendron Swiss Cheese vs Monstera Adansonii

Philodendron Swiss Cheese vs Monstera Adansonii: A Brief Comparison

Philodendron swiss cheese vs Monstera adansonii is often a point of contention between fans of both species of the Araceae family. We are here to give you an in-depth comparison of...
Aglaonema vs Dieffenbachia What Makes Them Different

Aglaonema vs Dieffenbachia: What Makes Them Different?

Aglaonema vs dieffenbachia perplexes many gardeners as both of these plants of the Araceae family have very similar attributes. If you are one of them, then this article will remove the...
Aloe plant with big flower

Aloe Plant Dying? Expert Tips To Save Your Plant and Make It Thrive

You will find your aloe plant dying if you do not provide the right elements it requires. But don’t worry, it isn’t difficult to ensure your aloe vera remains healthy and...
Water Lily and Lotus Similarities

Water Lily vs Lotus: Two Beauties With Notable Differences

Water lily vs lotus is a popular topic among gardeners as both of these plants have beautiful leaves and flowers that are noticeable on the water’s surface. While there are many comparable...
Chlorophytum orchidastrum Green Orange

Mandarin Spider Plant: How To Grow This Exotic and Fiery Plant

The mandarin spider plant of the Asparagaceae family looks like it is producing fire from within, but this is not the only reason why this spirited plant is so in vogue....
Ceratostema Rauhii Luteyn hanging

Ceratostema Rauhii: Grow This Gigantic Hanging Plant From Peru

Ceratostema rauhii of the Ericaceae family is the perfect hanging plant to grow in baskets inside or outside your home. With its long, bushy stems and hanging flowers, you won’t need...
A Lavender Field

Which Plants Like Wood Ashes? 12 Plants That Love Some Ash 

If you’re wondering “Which plants like wood ashes?” then you already know that many gardeners swear by the awesome benefits wood ash gives plants, even better than traditional lime. If you...
Bunch of Fittonia Plant in Garden

11 Snake Plant Companion Plants Choices That Are Must-Know 

Snake plants companion plants are usually attractive plants that are mainly used for decoration purposes – such as variegated ivy, bird of paradise or the humble ficus. They are grown together...
List of Plants You Can Add As Houseplants

7 Plants With Long Skinny Leaves You Can Add As Houseplants

Plants with long skinny leaves are ones that can complement your home decor, making your rooms more attractive. Some of these plants are edible and non-toxic to humans and pets as...
Closeup Look of Parsley Outdoors

6 Plants That Look Like Cilantro: A Variety of Bushy Leaves

Plants that look like cilantro are ones that have similar features to it, with their stems and spiky-edged leaves. For those who enjoy the look of cilantro of the Coriandrum genus...