A List of Blackberry Companion Plants

11 Blackberry Companion Plants: The Most Suitable Options

Blackberry companion plants provide different benefits to blackberries. The most suitable companion plants for Blackberry Bushes are the ones that are pest repelling, increase pollination, and don’t compete with them for...
eggshells as organic fertilizer

What Plants Like Eggshells: 9 Key Vegetables

What plants like eggshells? You've probably been throwing away your eggshells without knowing the tremendous benefits they have towards some plants. From promoting plant growth to nourishing the soil, and helping to...
Elderberry look alike Plants List

13 Plants That Look Like Elderberry: Is It Safe or Toxic?

Plants that look like elderberry can be found in the wild, or you can grow them in your garden. Foraging for edible berries is something that lots of adults and kids...
Liriope Companion Plants List

20 Attractive Liriope Companion Plants for Your Garden

With liriope of the Asparagaceae family, companion plants are a must to complement this lovely perennial plant.  Also known as lily turf or monkey grass, its two main species such as Liriope...
List of Plants That Look Like Wheat

12 Plants That Look Like Wheat And Their Tricky Seed Heads

Plants that look like wheat are a puzzling phenomenon in the garden. When it comes to this staple food-bearing plant, gardeners experience problems with identification and often leave unwanted plants growing. Wheat...
List of Plants That Look Like Mullein

8 Plants That Look Like Mullein: Verbascum Thapsus Copies

Plants that look like mullein might be encountered in the wild, and some of them can easily grow in your garden. But not all of the common mullein lookalikes are safe...
Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

9 Lemon Balm Companion Plants for Your Backyard

Lemon balm companion plants include plants that help boost lemon balm growth and also complement it visually. Lemon balms of the Melissa genus, scientifically known as Melissa officinalis from the Lamiaceae...
List of Plants That Look Like Blueberries

13 Plants That Look Like Blueberries: Safe or Unsafe?

Plants that look like blueberries might be safe to eat, and you can grow them on your lawn or even encounter them while hiking. But before you confidently approach what might look...
39 Plants with Big Leaves

39 Plants with Big Leaves: Complete List and Properties

Plants with big leaves will help you exquisitely decorate your front or back yard, as well as the inside of your home. There are certain big-leaf plants that should be grown...
20 Plants That Look Similar to Palm Trees

20 Plants that Look Like Palm Trees but Aren’t the Same

Plants that look like palm trees provide the same aesthetics as palms. They are a good alternative if your area's climate does not support the growth of some palms, have beautifully...