How To Propagate an Orchid From Leaves

Propagating Orchids From Leaves- How To Do It in Easy Steps

Propagating orchids from leaves is an exciting process as it's a journey from leaf to blossom, a way to multiply the beauty in your home or garden. But propagation can be...
Right Fixes of Orchid Buds Not Opening

Orchid Buds Not Opening: The Key Causes and Right Fixes

Orchid buds not opening is a widespread problem among many species of these plants, and it can be a frustrating experience for new and seasoned gardeners alike. When buds fail to...
Common Runner Plants

What Are Runners in Plants: The Ways to Identify Them

What are runners in plants, is a notion to think of if you wish to be more detailed, as you may also go ahead and grow your curiosity about their functions...
How To Take Care of Orchids In Water

How to Preserve Orchids in Water Through Simple, Easy Ways

It is a good idea to preserve orchids in water to have magnificent blooms for as long as you want. So, if you are fond of having orchids around and showing...
Orchid Health and Care

White Spots on Orchid Leaves: Identification and Treatment

White spots on orchid leaves create a panicking situation for many gardeners. These spots can become ordinary if common issues like overwatering, powdery mildew, and mealybug infestations are not taken care...
reasons for your orchid stems turning brown

Orchid Stem Turning Brown: Reasons and Their Fixes

Your orchid stem can be turning brown if it has completed a flowering cycle, is being grown in the wrong environment or if it has been affected by a fungal disease,...
Sansevieria Suffruticosa Close view of

Sansevieria Suffruticosa: Noteworthy Care Tips For The Dazzling Beauty

The Sansevieria suffruticosa of the Asparagaceae family is a remarkable flowering plant with leaves that are slightly arching, thick, and channeled at the base, but cylindrical towards the apex. It is a...
Mexican fence post cactus

Mexican Fence Post Cactus: How to Care for This Giant Cactus

Mexican fence post cactus of the Cactaceae family is a desert succulent that grows up to be as tall as a single-story building. Not only can you keep it indoors initially,...
Best Indoor Plants for Low Light Conditions

Philodendron Silver Stripe: The Only Care Guide That You Need

Philodendron silver stripe of the Araceae family is a creeper or trailing plant that is commonly called the Heartleaf philodendron or the Sweetheart vine. The name comes from its heart-shaped, lush...
bee flies next to the sunflower field

Bushes That Attract Flies: The Attention You Don’t Want

Bushes that attract flies are often found in well-established gardens beside plants that attract more friendly creatures. A garden teeming with life is just so refreshing to look at — until...