right grass for your house in Texas

6 Types of Grass In Texas: Varieties Thriving In This State

Types of grass in Texas that thrive the most are usually warm season grasses like Bermuda, Buffalo, and Zoysia. Of course, you cannot expect cool-season grasses like tall fescues to grow...
Gardener holding a plant

Killing Large Patches of Weeds

Killing large patches of weeds requires dedication and specialized techniques to be effective. When gardeners are dealing with small patches of weeds, simply hand pulling is all that is necessary. But when...
Bermuda mixes well with St. Augustine

Mixing Bermuda Grass with St. Augustine: Amazing How-to Guide

You can successfully grow a beautiful lawn by mixing Bermuda Grass with St. Augustine if you live in USDA Zones 7-10. You are looking to establish the best lawn possible for your...
stop birds from eating your grass

How to Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seeds | 11 Bird-Friendly Measures

The question on every avid gardener's lips is how to keep birds from eating grass seed? Seeds offer a tasty treat for birds, and if they get their beaks in, you may...
List of Disadvantages of Mulching Grass

11 Disadvantages of Mulching Grass You Never Knew About

Disadvantages of mulching grass are various, and some might even surprise you, hence mulching clippings of grass have been known to require more maintenance from the mower. Spreading organic mulches over...
The Factors of Tall Fescue That Matter to You

Tall Fescue Pros and Cons: The Factors That Matter to You

Tall fescue pros and cons are points that matter a lot, especially when you’re looking for low-maintenance grass types. While these grasses are easy to care for, they’re not for everybody. In...
spilled gasoline killing grass

Does Gasoline Kill Grass: How To Deal With A Gas Spillage

Does gasoline kill grass is a question of worry, especially if it accidentally falls over it. You may have been transporting gasoline fuel for your lawn mower across the lawn one...
Aerator vs Dethatcher Which One To Use for Your Garden

Aerator vs Dethatcher: Which One To Use for Your Garden

Aerator vs dethatcher is a worry of two different products that can be puzzling for some people. The choice between using each will depend on the specific needs of the homeowner...
Bermuda Grass Yard

How To Get Bermuda Grass To Spread: 9 Most Effective Ways

How to get Bermuda grass to spread is a query we get a lot from turf owners living in warmer areas. The good thing about Bermuda is that it is a...
List of Grass Types for Alabama

7 Types of Grass in Alabama: Adding Vibrancy to Your Lawn

Types of grass in Alabama are of so many varieties, and we are sure you will find what you are looking for in this article. Which grass has the easiest lawn care...