As a regular shopper at Ace, I’ve noticed an increased interest in mosquito prevention, especially when it comes to enjoying our outdoor spaces. Ace Hardware stores have been catering to this need by offering various mosquito net options.

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Whether I’m looking to protect my family during a backyard barbecue or ensure a peaceful night’s sleep during camping trips, finding the right mosquito net can make all the difference. I prefer the convenience of stores like Ace because they provide a variety of solutions to keep those pesky insects at bay.

💥 Quick Answer

Ace Hardware offers a range of mosquito nets, from personal sizes for individual use to larger ones designed to fit over outdoor structures like gazebos and umbrellas, ensuring that customers can find a netting solution that fits their specific needs.

In my experience, durability and mesh size are critical factors to consider. The typical Ace mosquito net, such as the Coghlan’s White Mosquito Net, is a double-wide option made from fine mesh polyester with 180 holes per square inch, providing a balance between airflow and protection.

The nets usually feature reinforced tie tabs for easy installation. I find this kind of product detail reassuring because it means I can depend on the net to withstand regular usage, and I trust that it will keep mosquitoes out effectively.

Ace Rewards Membership Advantages

As an Ace Rewards member, I’ve found that the benefits significantly enhance my shopping experience at Ace Hardware. The program caters to my frequent purchases, providing me with rewards and exclusive perks that make each visit more valuable.

Ace Rewards Members Benefits

💥 Quick Answer

For every dollar I spend at Ace Hardware, I earn points that accumulate towards reward vouchers. Particularly, I receive $5 back for every 2,500 points earned, and I find the exclusive members-only offers and instant savings to be a major draw, keeping my attention for upcoming deals.


Egift Card Reimbursement Process

I appreciate the simplicity of the egift card reimbursement process for rewards members. It’s straightforward: once I accumulate enough points and they’re converted into rewards, I receive an egift card via email. This card can be used just like cash for future purchases at Ace Hardware, making the rewards tangible and immediately useful.

Free Delivery for Qualifying Orders

One of the standout benefits for me is the free delivery on qualifying orders over $50. This saves me time and adds convenience, especially when purchasing larger items like patio furniture or grills. To leverage this benefit, I make sure my purchase exceeds the $50 threshold, and Ace Hardware takes care of the rest, delivering the items to my doorstep at no extra charge.

Being an Ace Rewards member definitely pays off with every purchase, especially when it comes to buying essentials for home improvement and outdoor living.

Ace Hardware’s Mosquito Net Delivery Services

When seeking to obtain a mosquito net from Ace Hardware, customers have access to convenient delivery options and comprehensive haul away services to enhance their shopping experience.

Delivery from Store Procedures

I’ve found that Ace Hardware offers a “Delivery from Store” service which is extremely convenient when purchasing items like mosquito nets. The specifics of this service include the selection of items online followed by delivery to a customer’s specified address. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Steps for Delivery from Store:
  • Select a mosquito net from the online inventory.
  • Add the item to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter delivery address and choose the ‘Delivery from Store’ option.
  • Confirm the delivery details including timing and any specific instructions.


I always remind clients, to ensure smooth delivery, to verify that their address is correct and to consider any potential accessibility issues that might affect delivery.

Haul Away Services and Policies

In addition to delivery, Ace Hardware provides a haul away service for old items which is quite beneficial when replacing them with new purchases. It’s important to understand the terms of this service to utilize it effectively:

💥 Key Point

Ace’s haul away policy requires pre-arrangement and may involve additional fees depending on the items in question.


The following should be noted regarding haul away services:

  1. Items must be ready for pick-up at the time of delivery.
  2. An upfront agreement on the haul away terms assures understanding of which items qualify and the associated costs.

I recommend checking with your local Ace Hardware for any specific haul away policies that may apply to ensure no surprises arise during the process.

Ace Protection Plan Details

Purchasing an Ace Protection Plan can offer peace of mind for your hardware investments. I’ve found that it extends beyond the standard manufacturer warranty, providing comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage.

Coverage and Claims for the Protection Plan

When it comes to my Ace Protection Plan, the coverage is inclusive, ensuring not only repairs and labor but also power surge protection. Accidental damage, which is not usually covered by a standard warranty, is also included. In the event of a malfunction, I know New Leaf Service Contracts Inc. steps in to manage and fulfill the claim, which adds another layer of confidence.

If my product breaks down, making a claim is straightforward:

  • Contact: Reach out to Ace Appliance Service by the provided methods whether it be phone, email, or their website.
  • Speed: I appreciate their prompt service, mandated to notify them as soon as the problem is identified.
Deductibles and terms are clearly specified in the Protection Plan’s fine print.

Registering for Ace Protection Plan

Registering my Ace Protection Plan was an essential step after my purchase to ensure that my coverage was activated. Here is how I did it:

  • Timeframe: It was imperative to register as soon as possible post-purchase to ensure seamless coverage.
  • Documentation: Keeping my purchase receipt and any related documentation was crucial as I needed these during registration.
Registration is key to validate the Protection Plan, which I conveniently completed online.


These processes underscore the plan’s ease of use and customer-focused approach. It’s a level of protection that complements the quality products at Ace Hardware, assuring that both my home and my purchases are well taken care of.

Customer Service and Support

When purchasing mosquito nets from Ace Hardware, rest assured that customer service and support are ready to assist with orders, including handling returns and refunds, and providing support for online purchasing issues. The responsive team aims to ensure a smooth shopping experience, whether in-store or online.

Handling Returns and Refunds

If I encounter an issue with a mosquito net I purchased, Ace Hardware’s customer care is my starting point. They offer a straightforward process for returns and refunds. Here’s what I found about their policy:

To initiate a return, I would call Ace Customer Care at 888-827-4223.


I can also check with my local store for their specific return policy, as inventory levels and local store prices may vary. For online orders, if there is a failed product or I’m unsatisfied, free returns can be processed, and replacement claims are generally seamless.

⚠️ A Warning

The refund timeframe may vary depending on the payment method and local store policies.

Support for Online Purchasing Issues

My experience is that online support for purchasing issues is equally robust. I might encounter problems with website navigation, screen reader compatibility issues, or troubleshooting.

In these cases, this is what I can do:

For immediate online assistance, I should call 1-866-290-5334.


Ace Hardware has customer service agents available to answer questions related to repair labor coverage and clarify any confusion regarding product availability.

💥 I should remember to have my order details handy for faster resolution.

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