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Diatomaceous earth has become an increasingly popular product known for its diverse applications, from natural pest control to dietary supplements. Consumers now frequently seek out food grade diatomaceous earth for both personal and pet use. Having reliable access to this product is essential for those who rely on its natural benefits for their home and health routines. Walmart, a key retail player, provides a variety of options to meet this demand.

A bag of food grade diatomaceous earth sits on a shelf in a Walmart aisle, surrounded by other gardening and pest control products

I found that Walmart carries food grade diatomaceous earth, offering a convenient source for customers looking to purchase this versatile substance. Their inventory includes several brands and package sizes that cater to different needs, whether for household pest control or nutritional supplementation. Customers are advised to select food grade products, especially if intended for ingestion by humans or pets, ensuring that the diatomaceous earth is safe for consumption and free from any harmful additives.

Walmart’s online platform features detailed descriptions of the diatomaceous earth products available in their stores, providing potential buyers with helpful information. This allows shoppers to compare prices, read reviews, and understand the various uses of diatomaceous earth before making a purchase. By offering an array of products, Walmart helps to make this natural, multi-purpose product more accessible to a wide customer base.

💥 Quick Answer

Yes, Walmart carries food grade diatomaceous earth.

Benefits and Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural, organic product that is safe for both humans and pets. It offers several health benefits and is also used as a natural pesticide and a preservative in food storage.

Health Advantages for Humans and Pets

Food grade diatomaceous earth is known to support a healthy lifestyle. I’ve noticed that when consumed, it can promote healthier skin, nails, hair, and teeth. It’s thought to help detoxify the body and could possibly lower bad cholesterol levels. For pets such as dogs, cats, and cattle, it can serve as a natural de-wormer.

Organic Food Preservation

Preserving food naturally is essential for maintaining its freshness and nutritional value.

I use diatomaceous earth to preserve dry food, as it has excellent moisture-absorbing properties that help protect organic products like grains and legumes from spoilage and pests.

Natural Pesticide Against Insects

💥 Effective Insect Control

Food grade diatomaceous earth works as a natural insecticide. When used in the garden, it is effective at exterminating bugs like ants, slugs, beetles, and other insects without introducing harmful chemicals. Its abrasive nature damages the exoskeletons of insects, causing dehydration and death, but it’s safe to use around the home and garden because it’s non-toxic to humans and animals.

💥 Quick Answer

Yes, Walmart carries food grade diatomaceous earth. It is often available in-store and online in various sizes and is marketed for use in homes, gardens, and for pet care.

Does Walmart Carry Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

When searching for diatomaceous earth (DE), it’s important to differentiate between the types available—particularly food grade and non-food grade. I’ll help you understand the distinctions.

Food Grade vs. Non-Food Grade

Food Grade

Food grade diatomaceous earth contains very low levels of crystalline silica and has undergone rigorous testing to meet strict standards of purity. This type is safe for use around the home and for consumption by humans and animals. It’s often sold in a sealed bag to maintain its integrity and quality. The presence of a sealed bag also indicates that the DE hasn’t been exposed to contaminants that could compromise its food grade status. Walmart’s food grade DE often adheres to these guidelines, making it a reliable source for consumers needing the product for consumption or use in their homes.

Non-Food Grade

Conversely, non-food grade diatomaceous earth may contain higher levels of crystalline silica and is not suited for ingestion. Typically, it’s used for industrial purposes, like in water filters and as an anti-caking agent in livestock feed. This form of DE should not be used for any purpose that involves direct contact with food or within areas where food is prepared. It is crucial to check the labeling thoroughly when purchasing DE to ensure you are getting the correct grade for your intended use.

Consumer Guidance on Purchasing Diatomaceous Earth

When considering the purchase of diatomaceous earth, especially the food grade variant, it’s pivotal to evaluate factors such as the product quality, price, and the reputation of the supplier. I’ll explore key points like how to select the right product and compare prices, as well as understand the significance of reviews and shipping considerations.

Product Selection and Price Comparison

I always start by comparing prices and package sizes across brands. Walmart carries food grade diatomaceous earth suited for various needs. Recently, the price per ounce for a brand like Harris is approximately 13.3 cents. Harris Products Group offers a 4 lb bag, which is cost-effective for bulk use.

Price Comparison Table

Brand Size (lb) Price ($) Price/oz (cents)
Harris 4 Varies 13.3

Interpreting Reviews and Ratings

I thoroughly check customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and product quality. Ratings can give me a snapshot of overall consumer sentiment. Harris’s food grade diatomaceous earth, for example, has ratings ranging from 4.5 out of 5 stars (61 reviews) to 4.9 out of 5 stars (11 reviews), indicating a generally positive reception from buyers.

Review Summary

  • Harris Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade:
    • 4.6 out of 5 stars (405 reviews)
  • Bio-D Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade:
    • 4.7 out of 5 stars (75 reviews)

Shipping Options and Considerations

Analyzing shipping options is important for timely and economical purchases. Walmart typically offers various shipping methods, such as 3+ day shipping, and sometimes free shipping on eligible orders. Here’s a quick overview of what I consider:

  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping is preferred; it’s cost-effective especially when buying in bulk.
  • Shipping Time: If I need the product urgently, I opt for expedited options.
  • Product in Stock: Availability can affect shipping, I ensure the product is in stock to avoid delays.
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