Get rid of Coyotes from your lawn by using some of our most trusted methods, such as fencing your property and using repellents. We asked people around the world to tell us which methods have worked for them and then compiled them all in a list for your convenience.

Get rid of Coyotes from your lawnContinue reading to learn what these effective methods are.

How To Get Rid of Coyotes?

To get rid of coyotes, you can try employing a guard dog, fencing your property, and using different types of repellents. These, as well as using motion-detecting sprinklers and traps, are effective ways to get rid of Coyotes from your property.

Coyotes are one of those animals that most commonly visit the backyards and lawns of homes at night, scavenging around for food. They are a nuisance because they destroy property and plants, and they can also potentially harm your pets and little kids.

Getting rid of Coyotes can be quite hard and often seems like an almost impossible task, so we have collected some of the most useful and practically applicable methods for you to try below. Continue reading to find out what they are.

– Employ a Guard Dog or Other Animal

Did you know that you can receive help from other animals to rid your lawn of Coyotes?

A guard dog is a time-tested and pretty successful method to deter Coyotes from your property. Coyotes are naturally terrified of dogs and have a tendency to stay away from them. However, take note that even though most species of guard dogs have a natural tendency to protect their territory from wild animals, you will still need to properly train your guard dog.

Employ a Guard Dog or Other AnimalThe downside of this method is, of course, the additional responsibility of adopting, training and having to take care of a dog. But if you like dogs and don’t mind owning one or already have one, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this method.

Dogs are not the only animals you can employ to get rid of Coyotes in yard or lawn. If you own a farm or a ranch, then your common livestock animals can come in handy as well. These include cows, horses, pigs and llamas.

– Fence Your Property

Fencing is another effective way to prevent Coyotes from entering your yard however you need to make sure that all your fence’s gaps are filled. The only downside to fencing is the hard work that goes into it. Continue reading to find out the right methods to fence your property and keep Coyotes out.

You can install both regular and electric fences around your entire lawn. Before fencing, you should know that Coyotes have the ability to jump 6 feet in the air and also dig under the fence using their paws.

If you find an electric fence too expensive and high-maintenance, then buy a simple meshwork one to keep Coyotes out.

  • How To Build a Fence

In order to build a fence, first demarcate the entire property that is to be fenced and then start digging a trench about 12 inches deep in the soil. You can bend the meshwork 90 degrees and then place it flat at the bottom of the trench. This will prevent it from being uprooted easily.

Some also bury their underground fence in a layer of concrete every few inches. Your fence should be at least 8 feet tall above the ground. This is the appropriate height to keep Coyotes from climbing it. If you already have a fence and it is not high enough, check out some fence height extension ideas that can prevent all animals from jumping onto your garden.

Fencing works well only on a flat surface. They will be difficult to put up and won’t even work properly in case of uneven terrain. You can add an extension that is approximately at an angle of 45 degrees from the rest of the fence at the top for some extra protection as well. If your garden has trees there are ways to install a fence around these trees to protect them and also keep away these coyotes.

– Install Motion Sensing Sprinklers

You can now easily scare Coyotes off your property by using motion-activated sprinklers. These sprinklers are very common these days and can easily be purchased within your average budget.

Install Motion Sensing SprinklersInstalling them is also pretty easy. They come with highly sensitive sensors that detect the presence of an animal encroachment on your lawn at a designated distance away.

Consequently, the sprinkler mechanism is activated and the jets of water will make the Coyotes run away.

Some advanced motion-activated sprinklers also have the ability to direct jets of water in the direction where the animal is sensed to be present. Coyotes, like most animals, don’t like getting drenched, so they will learn to leave your yard well enough alone. As a bonus, you also get to have your lawn watered.

– Use Ammonia Repellents

Coyotes are very sensitive when it comes to smell. Turn their sharp sense of smell against them by buying ammonia sprays or any other good quality Coyote repellent from the market and spraying it at the edge of your property to keep these animals away.

– Use a Urine Repellent

A urine repellent is a great option for getting rid of Coyotes in the long term. By spraying your yard with a Coyote urine repellent, you ensure that Coyotes stay away from it for good.

The reason why this method works is that Coyotes are naturally territorial animals, which means only one Coyote establishes its territory in a particular area at a time. The scent of another Coyote’s urine indicates to these animals that your yard has already been acquired by another member of their species and so they won’t visit it any longer.

  • How To Use Urine Repellents

Buy any good quality commercial urine repellent from your local store. These are made up of urine collected from wild Coyotes and come in a variety of forms.

Choose a spray form that stays for a long period of time. Some urine repellents continue to produce effects for about a month after they are sprayed.

Spray the places in your yard that seem visited by Coyotes the most such as bodies of water, tree trunks or entry points to the yard.

– Trap the Coyotes

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no method will seem to work out. Such a situation calls for a rather more radical solution, such as setting a live trap and trying to catch them yourself.

Trap the CoyotesLearn how to set traps for Coyotes in this section.

  • How To Trap Coyotes

First of all, choose a good quality and effective live trap to buy. You can find them easily in different types and at a wide range of prices. Choose one that suits you best, and take note that it is very important to set your trap in a good location. Choose a location that is often visited by the Coyotes on your lawn, which you can identify by the presence of dug holes in the yard.

Make sure to keep little children and pets away from the trap. Camouflage your trap by covering it with leaves, twigs, etc. and use some luring substances to attract the Coyotes into your trap. These can be meat, fish or any other food items.

Once you catch the Coyotes, call the wildlife department to appropriately deal with them.

– Eliminate Their Food Sources

One of the main reasons why Coyotes might visit your property will be in search of food. These animals are notoriously not-picky eaters. Seriously, they will eat just about anything: fruits, vegetables, rodents, you name it!

Eliminate the attractiveness of your yard by following the points given below.

  • Proper Garbage Disposal

Dispose of your garbage properly. Make sure that the lids on your waste bins are properly secured. Coyotes are very smart animals and have been known to often overthrow the waste bins in search of foodstuff.

You will most probably need to rope your garbage can shut to keep them away. You can also invest in special waste bins that come with a built-in lock mechanism.

Another method is to put your waste in garbage bags and then tie these securely before putting them in the trash can. Start feeding your pets indoors, as scraps of pet food left in the yard will attract Coyotes and once they get used to it, it will be hard to get rid of Coyotes in yard.

  • Clean Up Well

If you have fruits and vegetables growing in your garden, then you must clean up the fallen produce pretty quickly before Coyotes can sniff it and come visiting in the night. In addition, make sure that you clean up after yourself after a night of weekend barbeque or an afternoon picnic party.

Clean Up Your Garden Well– Make Loud, Unpleasant Noises

Loud and unpleasant noises will most definitely keep Coyotes away from your lawn. These animals have very good hearing and they can hear sounds from some distance away.

Many people keep Coyotes from visiting their lawn by playing audio recordings of gunfire and cannons at night, but this can get a bit loud and might be unacceptable to your neighbors. We have discovered that simply playing a radio seems to work just fine too.

If you can, install a sensor-based alarm system on your lawn. As soon as Coyotes or any other stray animals enter your lawn, the alarm will go off and the animal will run away. After this happens two or three times, the animal will most likely never come back.

– Haze the Coyotes

Hazing means scaring the stray animal to the point that it stays away from your home for good.

  • How to Haze Coyotes

Whenever you encounter a Coyote on your property, calmly walk towards it while at the same time waving your arms wildly around and making loud, scary noises. If the Coyote has been hazed before, it will definitely sense the signal and run away. But if it has not been hazed before, it will not run away immediately. In that case, continue making loud noises and wild gestures.

You can also use the noise from banging pots and pans to haze these animals. These days, playing recordings of loud and fearful noises is also a great option. The animal will eventually get frightened and run away. What’s more, it tends to stay away for a long time afterward.

Take one caution only: don’t get too near Coyotes while hazing them. Always maintain a safe distance as these are unpredictable animals and can also attack you in defense. As an additional precaution, keep a stick or something similar in your hand to fend off any potential attacks.

– Call for Professional Help

If you are finding it really hard to get rid of Coyotes in backyard or your lawn, then maybe it’s time to call in a professional. There are tons of professional handlers who are experts in this kind of thing and have years of experience.

Call for Professional HelpMost of these professionals charge very reasonable prices for their services. They also use non-violent and eco-friendly methods while removing these animals from your property.

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