Vinyl fence gap filler ideas will help you cover the gaps under your fence while keeping the aesthetic look alive. This article contains a list of 17 ideas that are unique and different from one another, so you have plenty of options to choose from. These ideas will solve several problems caused by gaps under the vinyl fence in your yard or land.The Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas

List of Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas

1. Adding Metal Bars

Metal bars may not look as aesthetic as you want but using the bars is one of the best vertical fence gap filler ideas. If you own a pet dog, then there is a chance that your dog may dig a hole under the fence and get out. You can easily avoid such an occurrence by putting metal bars (i.e. galvanized steel) deep under the fence.Adding Metal Bars to vinyl fence gaps

2. Adding Platforms

Adding a platform not only gives a stylish look to your fencing but also keeps your pets inside the premises. Because the platforms work as vinyl fence gap blockers for your pets to get out, moreover, it is very cheap and easy to install a platform. You can also add height extensions to your fence if your pets are big jumpers.Filler Ideas For Vinyl Fence Gap Adding Platforms

3. Adding Dirt

The easiest way to fill up the gaps under the vinyl fencing is to use dirt. This will cost you nothing but some time to dig up some dirt and shove it under the fence. This may not look appealing if you don’t use the same amount of dirt at every point.Adding Dirt to vinyl fence gaps

4. Adding Kickboards

Kickboards (also known as weed boards) are pretty helpful for vinyl fence gaps if the gaps are bigger than usual. Because kickboards are very cheap and you can easily cut them according to the size of the gaps. You can also paint the boards to match them with the fence so that it looks attractive and pleasant.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Adding Kickboards

5. Anchoring the Posts

If your fence has bigger gaps, you can anchor the fence posts of the fence to make the gaps smaller. You can use woods and stones for anchoring. This will reduce the gaps, and then you can easily cover them using any one of the given ideas in this post.Anchoring the Posts

6. Covering Gaps with Walls

If you want to give a more aesthetic look to your fence and at the same time cover the gaps, building a wall underneath is a great idea. Because you can design the wall as you like it and also paint according to the looks of your premise and privacy fence. However, it is a costlier idea compared to the one we have already discussed.Filler Ideas For Vinyl Fence Gap Covering with Walls

7. Covering Gaps with Bricks

Some people may think that building a wall is too much work or it may not be within the budget. In that case, simply putting bricks under the gap between the vinyl fence and the ground is a great idea to fill the vinyl fence gap.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Covering with Bricks

But this will not be as sturdy or permanent as a wall. So, you have to check the bricks every once in a while to see if the bricks are in the right position or not.

8. Covering Gaps with Stones

Stones are an alternative to the idea of the brick mentioned above. Although stones are costlier than bricks, they will give a more aesthetic look to your fencing.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Covering Gaps with Stones

Moreover, building a stone barrier is faster and easier than building a wall under a fence. After a few months, the stones will naturally get fixed in the position by coming into contact with the dirt.

9. Using Bottom Lattices

Lattices are typically constructed from metals, wood, or vinyl. Rats, raccoons, and other rodents can be effectively kept out of the premise by using bottom lattices. If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, bottom lattices are quite a nice and artistic alternative to bricks, stones, or walls.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Using Bottom Lattices

10. Using Wooden Pockets

Wood fence pockets work exactly like lattices under vinyl fence gaps. The advantage of using these instead of bottom lattices is that they cost less. On the other hand, these are not as attractive as bottom lattices, so this is a disadvantage compared to lattices.Using Wooden Pockets

11. Using Cement

Using cement is one of the best vinyl fence gap filler ideas. You can make an aesthetic design on the wet cement before it becomes dry and hard. You can also make the cement look like stones by curving lines on the wet cement. This is surely cheaper than using actual stones.

Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Using Cement12. Using Wires

Using wires as a chain link to fill the gaps in vinyl fences is a cheaper alternative to using metal bars. Just like metal bars, it will not give a highly aesthetic look to your fencing, but it will get the job done. But if you wish to block the gaps temporarily, wiring is a great idea to save costs. You can even save the wires for use later. If you already have a vinyl fence, but you do not like how it looks, there are ways to hide it and make it beautiful again.Using Wires

13. Making Wooden Panels

Wooden panels are almost the same as wooden pockets. The main difference is that wood fencing panels have no holes at all, whereas wooden pockets contain small holes.  However, using wooden panels as fillers is also a cheap and good idea. You can easily paint the wooden panels to match the color of the fence.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Making Wooden Panels

14. Making a Mini Gate

Sometimes you may want to leave a gap under your fence but occasionally, close it. In this case, a mini gate is a great idea. If you build a mini gate under your vinyl fence gap, you can easily keep it open whenever you want. You can also close it when you need your pets to stay inside the premise.Making a Mini Gate

15. Making a Mini Garden

The most beautiful thing you can do to fill the vinyl gaps is make a mini garden around the fence. Not only will it give an aesthetic and beautiful look, but also it is the most environmentally friendly idea possible. There are many small plants such as ivy, clematis, morning glory, honeysuckle, Lilly pilly, climbing roses, cherry laurel, hydrangea, etc. that you can use in the mini garden fence for filling the gaps of the vinyl fence.Vinyl Fence Gap Filler Ideas Making a Mini Garden

16. Filling Gaps with Gravel

Gravels can give a stony look to your fence, but it is not as costly as using stones. You can easily gather gravel and put them under your fence to close the gap. Another benefit of using gravel is that you can choose the color and match it with your fence.

Filling Gaps with Gravel
Filling Gaps with Gravel

17. Hedging the Gaps

Hedging is an alternate way to mini gardens where you can use hedging plants to cover the gaps of your vinyl fence. Hedging the GapsThis is also an effective and environment-friendly idea, but constant maintenance is necessary to keep the aesthetics alive.

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