Evergreenseeds.com Acquires b-and-t-world-seeds.com

Evergreenseeds.com, the leading resource on plant care tips and gardening content on the web, has acquired b-and-t-world-seeds.com domain.

About b-and-t-world-seeds.com

Since 1998, b-and-t-world-seeds has been a reliable source of information on seeds and plants of all kinds. Packed to the brim with valuable content such as picture directories, germination advice, reference book reviews, and helpful notes and lists, b-and-t-world-seeds has proven itself to be a fine collection for plant hobbyists all over the world.

With one of the pioneering websites on seeds and gardening under its belt, Evergreenseeds is wholly dedicated to fulfilling the same purpose and fervor that was borne out of this passion project.

About Evergreenseeds.com

Started by a team of passionate hobbyists, Evergreen Seeds continues to be the leading resource for plant and vegetable care on the web. With complete information on all kinds of plants and flowers, you won’t need to turn anywhere else for much-needed information. Looking for a specific plant profile that you can’t find anywhere else?

Check out Evergreenseeds’ complete list of plant, flower, and succulent care guides

Lawn care, DIY Landscaping ideas, and helpful gardening tips and tricks are also available, curated by qualified enthusiasts with decades of hands-on experience. This wealth of information has continuously been growing since its conception, and it has now amassed a vast amount of articles, guides, plant profiles, and more. With Evergreenseeds, growing flowers and plants has never been more accessible!

With this acquisition, rest assured that Evergreenseeds will be continuing the journey that this pioneering website has started and will build on this solid foundation to soar even further.

Here is what the founders have to say:

“We are all very familiar with the B and T World Seeds website, and we are glad to be a part of this momentous acquisition!”

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