Evergreenseeds.com Acquires Michiganpeach.org

Evergreenseeds.com, the leading resource on gardening and plant care on the web, has acquired michiganpeach.org domain.

About Michiganpeach.org

Michiganpeach.org, created in 2000, has grown to be one of the most complete and well-loved resources on the Michigan peach and nectarine industry. Complete with cooking recipes, buying guides, as well as various facts and peach-growing tips, this website has amassed a treasure trove of content for plant hobbyists and peach-lovers alike.

About Evergreenseeds.com

More than just a content-filled website, Evergreenseeds.com is a passionate community of plant hobbyists and enthusiasts who find joy and fulfillment in taking care of and cultivating greenery. In this leading resource, you will be able to find plant guides for almost all the different species and varieties of plants, as well as various guides for flowers of every kind.

Aside from plants and flowers, Evergreenseeds is also chock-full of helpful information on growing and cultivating different kinds of vegetables for your home garden. Looking for helpful ideas on an upcoming project?

You’ll definitely be able to find the help you’re looking for in our gardening tips section. Armed with a passionate team of experts, Evergreenseeds has grown to be one of the best resources for all things gardening on the web!

Founders’ Words

Here is what the founders of evergreenseeds.com have to say about this acquisition:

“Michiganpeach.org has been a valuable provider of relevant gardening information for a lot of us, and we are beyond excited and grateful for this domain acquisition.”

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