Plants with big leaves will help you exquisitely decorate your front or back yard, as well as the inside of your home. There are certain big-leaf plants that should be grown inside exclusively, while others should be grown outside only. 

Thirty Nine Plants with Big Leaves

In addition, there are several big-leaf plants that may be grown either inside or outdoors. In order to assist you in making your garden or the inside of your home more appealing, we have provided the following list of plants that have large leaves.

List of Plants with Big Leaves

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The popular indoor plant known as the fiddle-leaf fig looks stunning in any space inside the house.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Glossy Leaves

You may even find in under the name of Ficus Lyrata, you can grow this plant into various shapes and it has enormous, waxy, fiddle-shaped leaves. In addition, it requires the use of indirect light to cultivate this plant.

2. Bird of Paradise

Tropical big leaf plants include the bird of paradise, even known as the Strelitzia. Its distinctive flower is how it acquired its name, as the flower looks like a flying bird.

Bird of Paradise Colorful Light Plant Spiky Leaves

The large leaves on this plant develop in a self-heading pattern. This means that the leaves arise from a centralized stalk in layers. The leaf itself would be able to grow three to four feet long. Many plants look like the bird of paradise plants, check them out.

3. Elephant Ears

Although Elephant-Ear-Plants are typically planted outdoors, they also make fantastic houseplants. 

Elephant Ears Fantastic Indoor Houseplant

Depending on the kind, Elephant Ear Plant leaves can reach a maximum length of three feet. You should keep your children and your pets as far away from this plant as possible since Colocasia Esculenta may be poisonous if swallowed, and it may intoxicate.

4. Rubber Tree

A common indoor plant that has a variety of shades and forms is the rubber plant or Ficus Elastica. The main feature of this tropical indoor plant is its big, waxy leaves.

Rubber Tree Ficus Elastica Tropical Indoor Plan

It can get as high as 50 feet when grown in its natural environment. However, you may regulate its shape and size when you cultivate it indoors by restricting the roots and pruning.

5. Philodendron Xanadu

Anyone will be attracted to this plant because of its distinctively sized, leathery, lobed leaves.

Philodendron Xanadu Green Plant Big Leaves

The leaves develop increasingly elaborate patterns and have more lobes as the plant ages. Each large leaf can develop up to 12 inches wide and 15 inches long. You should be aware that this houseplant is toxic for pets and people.

6. Swiss Cheese Plant

Large indoor plants like the Monstera Deliciosa have lovely, broadly-fenestrated, heart-shaped leaves with holes in them. Any room gets a tropical flavor from it. This plant has three to four feet long leaves and can reach a height of up to ten feet when grown indoors.

Swiss Cheese Plant Spotted Leaves

Unfortunately, this plant is slightly poisonous to pets. It grows well in light that isn’t directly shining on it. This plant comes in different kinds, like Adansonii, Borsigiana, Obliqua, Pinnatipartita, etc.

7. Banana Tree Plant

Large tropical leaves on the banana plant are its prominent feature. Its leaves would easily grow up to two feet wide and nine feet long.

Banana Tree Plant Southern Exotic Tree

Although this plant is typically cultivated outside, it can also thrive indoors if you can provide it with a bright and sunny spot. During the growing season, you should make sure that the soil is kept consistently moist. You can find more plants similar to a banana tree that have big leaves.

8. Philodendron Gloriosum

A magnificent large-leafed type of Philodendron known as the Gloriosum has velvety, deep-green-white-veining leaves.

Philodendron Gloriosum Heavy Leaf Plant

The leaves would grow extensively reaching almost 36 inches long, although they do have a slow growth rate, but it is promising. You might need to order this plant from a knowledgeable collector or online. Because it’s not likely to be available at your neighborhood garden center.

9. African Mask Plant (Alocasia Amazonica)

A beautiful indoor plant called the African-Mask-Plant has broad, deep-green leaves that are accented by fine light-green veining. The leaf of the Alocasia Amazonica would grow up to 16 inches long and the stems would grow two feet tall.

African Mask Plant Alocasia Amazonica

The bottom of the leaves is typically a deep purple color, and they have an arrowhead or heart-like shape. You can grow this lovely plant in rich, well-draining soil and bright, indirect light.

10. Tropic Snow Dumb Cane

This plant is one of the largest types of cane. It can reach heights of ten feet when it is placed indoors.

Tropic Snow Dumb Cane Green Leaves

It is a renowned houseplant because of its large, multicolored leaves and simplicity of maintenance. Without worrying, you can neglect this plant for days, and it can handle low light.

11. Calathea Orbifolia

This plant is known as the praying plant and is identified by its enormous, orb-shaped leaves. High humidity is necessary for this houseplant. 

Calathea Orbifolia Plant

The plant would grow up to two feet tall, and its leaves would grow three feet tall and two feet in its width. It’s a fast growing plant, so you will see this advancement in a quick way

Hence, you should put this plant somewhere that gets plenty of bright indirect light. Additionally, make sure the soil is evenly hydrated.

12. Ruffled Fan Palm

This is a rare and distinctive kind of palm with broad, pleated leaves that resemble hand fans. Although getting this plant can be a little challenging, keeping it alive inside is fairly simple.

Ruffled Fan Palm

You just need to pick a spot in your house that gets plenty of direct light. Note that the Licuala Grandis plant would grow all the way to 22 inches if it is taken care of properly.

13. Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera Macrophylla)

False forget-me-not is another name for this plant. It blooms in the spring and has large, heart-shaped leaves and beautiful blue flowers. Typically, it is one foot long.

Siberian Bugloss (Brunnera Macrophylla)

For this plant to thrive effectively, you must keep the soil wet yet free of standing water.

14. Hosta

Hostas come in a wide variety, but some of them have huge leaves that are about five feet wide. Hostas are quite popular since they brighten up your shady landscape.

Hosta Plants in a Garden

This plant only needs some partial shade and rich, wet soils, making its maintenance incredibly simple. Check out more plants similar to hostas.

15. Butterbur

The Petasites have enormous, two-foot-wide, heart-shaped leaves that blossom in the spring with delicate pink flowers.

Butterbur Wild Plant

This plant can thrive in damp, clay-type soil that is intermittently shaded. This plant can be an excellent addition to your rain garden.

16. Rodgersia

This attractive perennial belongs to the Saxifrage genus. With its broad, leathery palate leaves, it gives the garden the feeling of a tropical plant jungle.

Rodgersia Macro Look of the Flower

Rodgersia can be grown in mild wet soil and in full sun or partial shade. The width of its leaves is almost three feet tall.

17. Big Leaf Ligularia

The leaves of the Ligularia look like lily pads, but they are actually bigger and not found in ponds. The leaves are between twelve to fourteen inches long.

Big Leaf Ligularia

You have to water it regularly because it requires highly-moist soil. It is amazing how it blooms and grows having yellow flowers that look like daisies in the summer season.

18. Mayapple

The Mayapple plant or Podophyllum has huge leaves that look like umbrellas as wide as they are.

Mayapple Green Leaves

It appears to be growing well in native gardens near woods and blooms white flowers in the spring. A single plant grows to about 15 inches tall and has one or two giant leaves. It grows well in soils with a lot of humus and water.

19. Sacred Lotus 

The Sacred Lotus is one of the plants with big leaves that makes you feel like you’re in the tropics. You can grow it in water in a pot that doesn’t drain.

Sacred Lotus Flower

It has about 24-inch-wide leaves and needs full sun to bloom well. You may even find it under the name Nelumbo Nucifera.

20. Giant Rhubarb

Giant Rhubarb, or Gunnera Manicata, is a very large plant that looks amazing in rain gardens. Up to 14 feet can be covered by a full plant.

Giant Rhubarb

It has beautiful reddish-green flowers that bloom in early summer. This plant can be used as a pond edge or around water features. You can grow this plant in places with shade and moist soil.

21. Umbrella Plant 

The leaves of the Umbrella Plant are 24 inches long. This plant comes from the West Coast and is in the Saxifrage family. It has flowers that are pinkish-white and bloom in early spring. This plant grows well even in a lot of shade, and that is how it keeps its foliage and grows in a healthy way.

22. Rhubarb

The Rheum Rhubarb is mostly recognized as a perennial garden vegetable. It looks like a tropical plant, but its big, tough leaves are different from those of most other plants with big, tropical-looking leaves.

Rhubarb Plant in a Garden

This plant blooms white flowers in the summer. It can grow in both full sun and a little shade.

23. Japanese Fiber Banana 

Having a Japanese Fiber Banana in your garden can give it an aesthetic look. Its leaves can grow as tall and wide as six feet. This tropical plant has flowers that are either creamy white or yellow, but no fruit. To grow the Musa Basjoo plant well, you need room for moist, rich soil and full sun. 

24. Snake Plant

The Dracaena Trifasciata has various kinds and enormous leaves that grow up from the ground and reach for the ceiling.

Snake Plants By the Window

Its leaves are quite stiff and large. It makes an amazing houseplant because it can grow just about anywhere, since it is very low maintenance. You can grow it in places with some shade or full sun.

25. Pinstripe Houseplant

This is a South American native perennial plant. Its large, beautiful leaves are well-known in that region. The stripes of pale pink on the jungle-green leaves make it unique and attractive. The Calathea Ornata plant doesn’t like getting too much sun, so it’s easy to grow it inside the house, receiving indirect sunlight.

26. Giant Silver Mullein

The leaves of the Giant Silver Mulleins are about fifteen inches long and have a gray-green color.

Giant Silver Mullein

Mulleins have a lot of different types, and “Arctic Summer” is one of them. This one can get as tall as seven feet. This is a perennial plant that you can cultivate easily in dry or rocky soil because it can handle drought.

27. Flowering Sea Kale

The Flowering Sea Kale has cabbage-like leaves that are about 15 inches long and have thick stems. The leaves are a beautiful dark green in color that looks great along the edges of the garden. This plant will grow quickly and well if you give it good soil and full sun.

28. Ligularias

Ligularia plants can get as tall as five feet and have leaves that are thirteen inches wide. It flourishes daisy-like yellow-golden flowers.

Ligularias Heavy Leaves

You can cultivate this plant well in moist soil that gets some sun.

29. Canna (Canna Indica)

This plant’s huge leaves look like banana leaves. Canna ‘Phasion’ has leaves that stand out because they have purple, green, pink, and orange stripes. If you live in an area having colder climate and want to grow plants with leaves, Canna varieties such as Stuttgart, Skyhawk, and Peach Gigantum are all great choices.

30. Caladiums

People also call this plant “Angel Wings.” It has massive leaves that look like hearts or arrowheads and are a beautiful mix of red, pink, white, and green colors which would grow in a lacy manner up to 12 inches tall.

Caladiums Home Plant

Some of the best-known Caladiums are White Cranberry Star, Baiman, Hot Lips, and White Majesty.

31. Grecian Pattern Plant 

This perennial can grow in shade and has huge leaves that look like oak leaves, it may also be called as Acanthus Mollis. The plant would thrive and reach a height of around four feet. It can be grown along the edge of your yard or garden.

32. Windmill Palm

The leaves of the Windmill Palm are big and have round tips. It has long stems that can grow to be up to 60 inches wide.

Windmill Palm Tree

If you care for this plant well, it can grow to be about 35 feet tall. Your backyard will look great with such a big plant.

33. Rice Paper Tree

The Rice Paper Tree can have leaves that are up to three feet wide. But this plant can grow to about 12 feet tall. If you have a small garden, you could put this plant in it, it is also scientifically called the Tetrapanax Papyrifer.

34. Spade-leaf Philodendron (Philodendron Domesticum)

This type of Philodendron has leaves that are around 20 inches wide and have three points. Its name originates from the shape of it as it looks like a spade. This plant is easy to grow in either full or partial shade.

Spade-leaf Philodendron

If you want to grow this philodendroon indoors, you will need to provide it with the necessary amount of heat, light, and fertilization so that it can thrive properly.

35. Papaya Tree (Carica Papaya)

You can cultivate the papaya plant for its fiber-rich, tasty fruits and for its large, grooved leaves, which look great in the yard and add a lush, green look. The leaves of the Carica Papaya can get as long as three feet.

36. Big Leaf Paper Plant 

The leaves of the Big Leaf Paper Plant are shiny and big, but it known as the Fatsia Japonica because it is native to Japan and Asia.

Big Leaf Paper Plant 

With these leaves, your garden will look like it’s in the tropics, as they would grow up to 20 inches long. This plant grows to its best ability in bright, but indirect, light.

37. Velvety Anthurium 

The Velvety Anthurium plant has enormous leaves that are about 13 inches long. Its leaves feel like velvet and look beautiful because they have deep veins. This plant comes in many different kinds, such as Flamingo Flower, Painter’s Palette, Velvet Cardboard Anthurium, and so on.

38. Giant Pothos 

The leaves on the Giant Pothos plant are very big. The leaves can get as long as two feet.

Giant Pothos Plant 

The yellow spots on the leaves make the Epipremnum Aureum look nicer and are pleasing to the eyes.

39. Lobster Claws 

The leaves of the Lobster Claws plant are big and look like banana leaves, however they are known as Heliconia. This plant is just right for your small garden in the backyard. It has bright, unusual flowers that look like lobster claws and add to the beauty of the garden.

Final note:

Overall, you’ve learned about several plants with big leaves that you may grow inside like for example the Philodendron Xanadu, or in the outdoors like the Windmill Palm. 

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